1. PepeSF says

    Nice. Matt Alber’s been covering this at his shows for some time though, and I like his a tad better.

  2. SteveP says

    It’s pretty good. This song is forever linked with one of my favorite times as a kid with my family. They always used Whitney’s version in the laser show at Stone Mountain, which my family made sure to make it to at least once every summer. Fond memories.

  3. Robert says

    Are you kidding me? This is the worst version yet! The whole point of this song was the power in the vocals and accompaniment. Whispering it like a socially retarded wallflower asking someone to dance for the first time ruins the whole effect.

  4. woodroad34d says

    This is a serious counter-point to the “happy dance/diva vocals” of Whitney Houston….the words of the song can be interpreted in a couple of ways — hence good songwriting. I really love the angst and longing for someone to “dance with me” and feeling “the heat”. his voice is angelic and sad. Booo on people who think something has to be one way or another—join the Baptist Church then.

  5. Dback says

    I’d love to hear Matt Alber’s version–I have both of his CD’s, but it’s not on them; has he recorded it? Definitely think this has a vulnerability and tender wistfulness that’s missing from the Whitney original–but then, I don’t find much of her music (aside from “Run To You”) very vulnerable.

  6. Zach says

    Aiden, How you do-AH? I absolutely love this version. You bring out a vulnerability that isn’t there in the dance version. Well done, and keep doin’ what you’re doin’!