1. David From Canada says

    Vince Gill is married to Amy Grant, the Doris Day of Christian/pop music.
    Nice try on Vince’s part, but he shouldn’t have bothered – the creatures he confronted are simply looking for attention. They’re getting to be SO boring……’s like watching the same episode of The Munsters over and over again…..yawn…..

  2. ratbastard says

    Good for Gill. These a**hats should be confronted. They’re lucky Gill is basically a gentleman. We all know people who lack impulse control and would have gone postal on them.

  3. RussTX says

    Way to go, Vince! Mighty fine attitude for a good ol’ boy raised Baptist in Oklahoma! He’s a good man.

  4. pc says

    he wasn’t standing up for LGBT citizens, he was standing up for himself and his wife. i really don’t believe either of them are very supportive of our community.

  5. James says

    Did he really say all that, or is this your dream transcript? (Serious question — I couldn’t tell if you were going for a jokey piece)…

  6. anon says

    If the transcript can be believed, it’s good that at least some of the time they go after Christian hypocrites. Baptists are very good at being very bad Christians.

  7. JMC says

    The video is posted along with the transcript, and it is accurate though it excludes some irrelevant rambling from the WBC member.

  8. Princely says

    I don’t know that we can assume Gill & Grant aren’t for LBGT people. Sure they’re religious, but so is Obama. And we never really believed he wasn’t on our side. I applaud Gill for taking the time to call out these buttcracks face to face.

  9. NotSafeForWork says

    He might have been more effective if he wasn’t in redneck mode and calling them dipsh**s, f**kers and issuing veiled threats. Even better if he could quote what he believes that Jesus said with more aplomb and less “stuff”.

    More power to him, but I think he came across more ignorant than anything.

  10. L Goethe says

    Ban them from the news! Who the hell cares. Out of sight out of mind
    They won´t go away ever but IGNORE them

  11. Kenny says

    Hes not defending us why the hell was this even posted? Neither Vince or Amy has ever been gay friendly Amy always uses scriptures and God even though she claims she LOVES US.

  12. Seattle Mike says

    The Westboro trolls are at least standing on firmer grounder in condemning divorce and remarriage than they are in condemning gay people. Jesus really is quoted as saying that about divorce in the Bible. Now whether he ACTUALLY said it, and what it means in the context of the time it was written – that’s a much bigger question and way beyond the mental powers of the Westboro clan to fathom.

  13. Stephen says

    Best way to handle this group of nuts is to ignore them. Once the old man dies they will fall apart.