1. Todd84 says

    this got a US release this summer and did quite well. it’s on iTunes and amazon plus it played at almost all the gay festivals. it looks like it won 12 awards as well.

  2. Hal says

    I saw the movie earlier this summer, before the DOMA decision. It was a touching movie with a great message. And it was nice to see a full-length gay movie have a happy ending!

  3. steve says

    could have done without that final song at the end…added a corny edge to the whole thing. looks like it’s well acted! hopefully not too self-righteous/heavy-handed

  4. Brian and Gavern says

    Whilst it’s truly wonderful to see so many couples getting the right to live in the US together, legally under Federal Law, bi-national couples that is. It could be strongly argued that doma affected bi-national couples in the most extreme and harsh ways. It saddnes us to see that very little, if any coverage has been made for couples who were forced into exile solely because of doma sect. 3. Sure you saw some examples of it where the US spouse chose to go and live in the foreign spouses country, where hopely they had some form of legal right to live there together, places like Canada, Australia, the UK and much of EU Europe provided such temporary relief to these exiles from America. However, some of us were not that lucky, whilst people were affected by things like taxes, hospital visitation rights etc we were stripped of everything from the house we lived in to our careers, our jobs, our family and spat into an oblivion of running around the world trying to find a “legal” place to give us exile. After spending in excess of $100K on Doma and it’s effects, it rendered us into a desperate couple going from town to town, country to country and being finally homeless, and having to rely on a charity to support us. Doma not only took away our freedom, it caused us emotional anguish that only some may know, it caused us illness, it shattered parts of our family, and quite nearly actually killed us. It was like a very slow murder, and we don’t say that lightly – that and then being caught up in the mind blowing bureaucracy that sadly even infiltrated the very equal rights groups that were supposed to be helping people like us, you’ll notice that tons of them all of a sudden popped up as soon as Doma became headlines. This made is increasingly difficult to sift through them all to find the genuine groups, who actually knew what they were doing. Then you have the Attorneys, 5 later and only one who was an honest good person, the rest took us for a ride and totally preyed on our vulnerability. Finally the cherry on the top was that the foreign spouses forced out of the US solely because no relief could be sought under Doma were issued with 10 year bars. Now whilst everyone rightfully celebrates the victory against sect. 3 of doma, USCIS and ICE have yet to remove such bars that were caused by doma, even AFTER it’s no longer law… nor have we seen any equal rights group or official bring light to that extremely unjust fact, considering there were many couples who were forced into exile before he doma momentum and fight came to an end, one would think that we would’ve been first in line and others like us, but no, we weren’t, we are forced to apply for ridiculous things like the very rarely granted “Humanitarian Parole” or “Hardship Waivers” and forced to deal with exceptionally long processing times only often to get such requests denied because they land up in some ICE officials hands who has no clue what his doing. So yes you are correct DOMA is not dead, for many of us, and whilst couples rightly celebrate back home, we try to assess how we get healthcare, how we find our next weeks sanity, how we get treated for PTSD, whilst being “illegal” in yet another country. There is a way home, but it takes a very long te and is filled with so much messy bureaucracy when in fact we should’ve been “allowed” home months ago. After almost 3 years in exile and almost 10 yeas fighting doma, you can surely understand that we have no victory to celebrate, just yet.