Eagle Scout Steve Grand Jacks with His Massive Biceps: PHOTO


'All-American Boy' singer Steve Grand put on a gun show over the weekend while he jacked up a car.

Writes Grand on Facebook: "Being a good Eagle Scout. Dad would be proud. Fastest tire change ever!"

Missed his latest clip "Stay"? Catch it HERE.


  1. David From Canada says

    Steve pretty much has it all – even changing a tire in record time. Very confident, beautiful young man. Great role model for all gays out there.
    Good on you Steve! Go, Go, Go!!!!

  2. DALE says

    Um, Fenrox, it’s his page. I think he can pretty much post whatever he wants to here. If you don’t care about Steve Grand, don’t read the articles about him.

    I personally could look at photos of him all day long with no complaints.

  3. says

    @David From Canada

    Great role model for all gays? By doing something that needed to be done?


    That is just a basic human response… being gay is irrelevant in this context.

    Or I suppose you are suggesting gays need role models for being basic helpful humans?

  4. cmlion says

    He can change my tires anytime… if you know what I mean. Seriously, my tire is flat and needs to be changed… I’m stuck on the side of the road. Anyone…? Anyone…? Hello…? I think I hear a bear–and not the good kind…

  5. says


    OMG! I can help. Just let me just grab a tire iron, jack, holy water, a cross, the bible, and pepper spray (works on both kinds of bears, actually). I need to call up a photographer and a promoter, and a priest who molested me… and as soon as I find SOME motivation other than the basic love for humanity to get me off my ass… I WILL BE RIGHT THERE TO HELP!!

  6. RJP says

    “So, a proper gay role model should encourage gay kids to be as hetero-normative as possible, and strive for what? Perfect biceps?”

    Hetero-normative? He’s a cute gay guy changing a tire. I didn’t know that tire changing had a sexual orientation.
    And yes, strive for perfect biceps. Why not?
    Make muscles, not war!!

  7. j says

    i call bs
    staged photo –
    the most manly of hetero manly working class activities – the changing of the tire
    it’s so predictable –
    and of course the photo documentation with the terrifically artlessly artful photo
    oh he so manly

  8. Luke says

    The comments on Towleroad never cease to amaze me… Bunch of bitter queens. Anyway, Steve Grand is hot, and I’ll pretend I don’t know how to change my tires so he can come change them for me!

  9. James in Toronto says

    I’ve changed tires before, and me being gay was certainly relevant to the activity. Me, doing anything mechanical, is a recipe for some kind of near disaster.

    There is a LARGE market for butch, mechanically adept, husbands.

  10. says

    This is a new form of pandering. I can see the next few posts…

    Steve Grand shops for groceries in a tight t-shirt!

    Steve Grand has a hand in his skinny jeans pocket on the sidewalk!

    Steve Grand bends over to pick up piece of litter from the sidewalk!

  11. Bob R says

    Steve Grand: underwear model, incredibly handsome, built like a brick schoolhouse, appears to be physically perfect from the top of his head to the tips of his toes and more than amply equipped (at least from the photos I’ve seen), musically talented and gay. I don’t know him personally, personality may be his major defect, but from what I’ve read, he seems to be pleasant, stable and balanced. So I’ll assume he’s got the entire package, so to speak. He knows what he wants and he’s going for it. He’s gay and out and proud. Why so much animosity towards him from so many members of our “community”? Jealousy? Or could it be, Satan?

    I’m not a big fan of his music, but I do wish him well and every success in his budding career. We need more Steve Grands and fewer bitter queens. That’s just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

  12. David From Canada says

    @JACKHOFFSKY: I work as support staff in a large highschool and I have seen a number of young, gay males who are confused and frightened about themselves and drop out of school – not much of a future for them at that point. They badly need role models, and they have so few.
    I wish they could see Steve Grand – he has SUCCESS stamped all over him. He could be of great inspiration to them. Young gay males, especially, need to see someone like Steve Grand. It could make a big difference in their life.

  13. says


    “Why so much animosity towards him from so many members of our “community” Jealousy? Or could it be, Satan?”

    Re: David From Canada

    Steve Grand is not bothersome in the least bit. He is a delightful piece of fluffy meat with catchy tunes, a decent voice, and a hot body. If we were to trash everything that was fake thrown at us Hollywood would crumble into a wasteland of depression and ash. He is hardly the issue.

    He doesn’t have enough content to be the issue.

    The problem is the trolling group with specifically worded comments on this and other sites who write about Steve Grand and the apparent need for his presence in the gay community. Things like him being a “good example for gays” and a necessary role model. One comment thread included how he was the first step that will lead to someone not needing to be a butch gay in order to be cool or accepted. Others paint him as such a welcomed breath of ‘normal’ to the community.

    THAT reverence is given to him without the benefit of time or trial and is not only presumptuous to him as a person, but it makes it seem as if our community needs some sort of humanitarian savior to link the gap between “normal” straight folks and the flamboyant gay queens.

    Steve Grand himself works. As many of us grew into our own because of studio porn we care kind of used to this over-polished presentation. We play into it well and fill in the emotional gaps on our own, so no worries.

    But in the wake comes a perpetual idealistic apotheosis of someone 3 months old as some sort of trailblazer for the gay community to lead us into the warm welcoming arms of normality and acceptance, which is A LITTLE MUCH. To put more on him than what he has demonstrated in a few months is presumptuous, but it is certainly within your right as a human being to do so. Go for it if you want (if anyone wants). If you are going to accept a free pass given to an ex-gay therapist, that’s fine to. It’s your choice.

    Just please (I ask) don’t put similar assumptions on those of us with a more critical eye and a greater understanding of human interactions, marketing, and history in the growth and development of what the gay community actually needs vs. what it wants. We drool over meat because it’s delicious. But if anyone wants to talk about change in the community as adults, leave the Ken doll at home and let’s have a discussion.

  14. Bastian says

    David from Canada: please tell me you’re joking. He has success written all over him and is the role model you think young gay men desperately need? Wow. It’s one thing to like looking at pretty things, but certainly you gay men can aspire to a lot more than being Andy Towle’s here-today-gone-tomorrow-I-can-use-autotune eye candy. How about openly gay role models that are teachers or engineers or nurses or doctors or CEOs or family men or writers etc.? Raise your bar.

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