First Look: Joe Manganiello Bares Arms in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’

Stanley_manganiello has got a first look at photos from the Yale Repertory Theatre's production of A Streetcar Named Desire including this smoldering shot of Joe Manganiello as the iconic factory parts salesman Stanley Kowalski.

If you missed the clip of Manganiello performing a monologue from the film that I posted the other day, you can check it out HERE.

(photo by Carol Rosegg)


  1. tinkerbelle says

    Too bad he can’t speak with those arms, his acting is just terrible and he spit more than spoke in that video…

    Another pretty-boy syndrome victim, looks and no talent (Robert Pattison heads my list).

  2. Matt27 says

    He looks very different from TB. Very handsome, but different. I wish I could be able to see this.
    @Tinkerbelle, I saw a short clip and it looked good. I don’t think he’s a pretty boy. Just because he’s Dreamy doesn’t mean he couldn’t act.

  3. VY says

    If this was a straight site it would be boobs galore. Looks like someone is a muscle queen. Funny to read the comments when this guy could make you all shoot in your shorts.

  4. David From Canada says

    Smokin’ Joe as Smokin’ Stanley. What a combo!
    And to those who think that he can’t act, quit comparing him to Brando’s iconic Stanley.
    Joe can act and hold his hold as Stanley. I’d love to see it.

  5. Ralph says

    I’d like to see this. Joe is theater trained. I bet he will make a decent Stanley. No one will equal Brando – he was one of the few actors that made the part forever his and everyone suffers by comparison, like Streisand in “Funny Girl” or Robert Preston in “Music Man.”

  6. hot dumb italian mike says

    Hes so good looking that most people assume he cant act. He was trained in theatre, he can act in any medium, so give him a chance, see the play!

  7. em says

    Wow, he’s really not very good. His eyes aren’t engaged so he looks like someone doing a first-pass script reading. He’s got a “community theater” vibe to him.

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