1. David From Canada says

    Jessica Lange, one of the best actresses of our time, has reached that mature age where her services are no longer wanted in Hollywood movies, so she is relegated to the small screen, television. I was only able to watch the first clip(other 2 not available…)and it looked like weird junk
    Poor Jessica, forced to do horror stuff, like aging actresses of the past. Does anyone remember all the Grade D movies that Joan Crawford did back in the 1960’s – Berserk, Trogg, Straight-Jacket, etc.
    What a way to end a career.

  2. antisaint says

    David, maybe you should try watching the show, or at least reading about it.

    Jessica Lange was nominated for Emmys and Golden Globes for her performance on this show. It’s not D-work.

  3. scott says

    Yep, cuz Hollywood is cranking out such great hits and memorable films now. (hint:sarcasm)

    LOL @OddBet- that was awesome.

    And yes, it was weird. It was weird as f*ck- that’s the point. AHS is waaay over the top, crazy, all over the place, but it has some of the best performances out there in TV.

    Def gonna be watching!!!!!

  4. RayJacksonMS says

    The title sequence might be a rip of True Blood but AHS is everything True Blood should have been. True Bloods title sequence is the only thing that held up after the first season.

  5. Anastasia Beaverhousen says

    Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, RayJacksonMS.

    I’m just generally confused about the whole thing. I mean I know I can’t gather the entire scope of the show from 2 teasers but where’s the horror? I still can’t figure out if this is set in present day or 300 years ago. It seems more like a soap opera than ever, with a little witchcraft thrown in as an afterthought for a “horror” factor. I’ll still watch either way but it seems like all the guest stars are there to compensate for lack of ideas.

  6. Remote Patrolled says

    @David – the world has changed. We’re in a golden age of TV while Hollywood movies steadily become more juvenile, CGI heavy and empty every year. It’s why so many actors are switching back and forth between the mediums. Matthew McConaughey is on a career roll at the moment yet also has an HBO series launching in the new year.

    Lange’s work on AHS has been amazing and the characters / moments she has been given to play are stunning. It is not D level hackwork.

  7. AJ says

    I’m dying waiting until October 9th!! AHS is some of the best stuff on TV and yes it’s scary. For those still wondering what the season will be, do your research. Kathy Bates plays Delphine Lalaurie. The show has flashbacks to her time in New Orleans as well as Salem. But the majority takes place in modern times with Lange playing the head of a school for young witches, the last of the girls who are descendants of the witches of Salem. Angela Basset and Gabourey Sibide are also in it this year. Cannot wait for the scenery-chewing to begin!!

  8. Nat says

    “Jessica Lange, one of the best actresses of our time, has reached that mature age where her services are no longer wanted in Hollywood movies, so she is relegated to the small screen, television.”

    Where there is more money and more opportunity for everyone outside the 5% that are currently ‘in’, as well as a chance to boost one’s presence for movie roles.

    Look at Bryan Cranston – he was Hal off of Malcolm in the Middle to most who recognized him. Thanks to television, he transcended that, and has been working steadily since.

    Or look at Kevin Spacey – a great actor who hasn’t really resonated all that much over the past decade with movie audiences. He saw an opportunity with House of Cards, one that allows him to balance his other commitments.

    Hell, go back to James Gandolfini. No one gave him a substantive role as a film actor before the Sopranos. No one took him seriously as a dramatic actor, yet he helped create the definitive antihero for any medium.

    Television isn’t constricting – it’s liberating. Outside of most of the network dreck, this is a golden age.

  9. HO says

    I think Ryan Murphy’s handling of Cory Monteith’s death was really spooky I wonder when this show will join the pantheon of the greats. “The New Normal” (now cancelled) was remarkable.

  10. oncemorewithfeeling says

    This is not the 1950s.

    Modern films are trash and television (as if people actually watch television shows on televisions anymore) is where all the best work is done. The paradigm flipped years and years and years ago.

    Insulting entire genres of entertainment (as if any way of telling a story could be inherently bad) also stopped being cute back when dinosaurs still ruled the Earth.

    Jessica Lange is at the peak of a distinguished career and her being on this show is proof of it.

  11. FFS says

    That’s the genius of AHS, Ms. Beaverhousen. The trappings of the horror genre are allegorical, here. All of the truly horrific things that happen to the characters on AHS are things that could and do happen to every one of us (e.g.: bigotry, infidelity, addiction, etc).

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