1. GreatLakeSailor says

    I hadn’t thought about this until now, but is this whole dust-up in Syria solely for Jon Stewart’s return? How deep does Comedy Central’s reach go???? And where does Time-Warner’s CBS & Showtime black out fit in to the picture. They just settled days before Stewart’s return…coincidence?

    (yup, snark)

  2. melvin says

    As usual, Stewart makes great points. The idiots who got everything wrong, wrong, wrong the last time around are consulted and given endless air time. They are the authorities. The people who actually got it right – and there were plenty of them, from Bernie Sanders to Barbara Lee to Anthony Zinni to Russ Feingold – are personae non gratae on the tv.

    Because they were right. Gore Vidal pointed this out long ago. You are forgiven almost immediately for being wrong. But they will never forgive you for being right.

    And so we hear the same drumbeat from the exact same idiots.

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