1. Jols says

    @ Danny: You’re confused again! YOU are the bloated relic from the 90s.

    Jon Stewart is a super-popular and famous TV personality who’s managed to have his own show run for more than a decade with a huge number of viewers, which is more than 90% of TV hosts.

  2. Ryan says

    My question: Am I the only one who thinks Weiner has some kind of a drug problem that has him spiraling out of control? Or maybe the problem is he has some kind of a mental issue and he’s off his meds?

    The way he’s talking and behaving of late… it’s just not normal. There’s some kind of a problem there and it’s not just stress.

  3. Bill says

    Seriously, I can see why he’d blow up after some racist scumbag came up with a racist slur about his wife. Why aren’t they trotting that guy out for big-time public ridicule. He deserves it.

    All Weiner did by contrast was to send around pictures of his wiener (no doubt confusing it with the German word Wiener, which refers to a resident of Vienna (Wien in German)).

  4. Gr8guyca says

    Btw, Stewart and Weiner are/were old friends. They shared a summer house about 20 years ago and were good buddies. Not sure their friendship will survive this.

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