1. David From Canada says

    A whole lot of fun!!!
    Stephen Merchant looks like a nerd, but once he gets going he’s really got a lot of great moves. And that sexy, shakin’ little ass of his.
    I don’t like the song Tiny Dancer, but Joseph G-L did a fantastic job on both his songs.
    When Jimmy Fallon did his second song he had some great gay moves and mannerisms – I’ve often wondered about him.
    Bravo to all 3 of them for the great entertainment!

  2. says

    It was a toss-up until the last one… JGL brought it home. lol

    I’ve liked Jimmy for years, ever since his first appearances on SNL. As good as my gaydar is, I just don’t know. Most gay guys would actually be less inclined to do some of the stuff he does with his younger male guests, so, kinda leaning towards straight. He’s insanely talented and funny. He’d be a fun date.

  3. JP says

    I love him.

    I just realized with Seth Meyers taking over, are they ever gonna have a nonwhite hetero male for this talk shows? A white gay man at the least…come on y’all.

    I vote for Olivia Munn…she’s awesome.

  4. hot dumb italian mike says

    Love J.G.L.!!! His new film “Don Jon” comes out friday. I know 2 people who ve already seen a preview; hes a lock to grt an Oscar nomination!

  5. SpaceCadet says

    I have free tickets to see an advance preview of Don Juan tonight. I really want to go if it weren’t for the fact it’s trivia night at the local bar and I often win!

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