1. HadenoughBS says

    Most of the Caribbean islands are terrible places for LGBTs. To have to live on one of them is unfathomable as to how one keeps one’s sanity, let alone one’s life. Thanks be to God, voodoo and/or juju for the islanders hatred of “the gays”. STAY AWAY FROM JAMAICA AND THE OTHER CARIBBEAN ISLANDS IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE.

  2. Continuum says

    Again, and again I say, why in Heaven’s name would anyone want to vacation on this crime ridden, drug infested, homophobic island.

    The high crime rate, rampant violence, and anti-gay rhetoric is prime example of what happens when the Xtianists take over.

    Instead of worrying about the extreme poverty and drug abuse that are rotting this nation, the Jamaican politicians are focusing on religious bigotry against gays.

    The gays have become scapegoats that allow the Jamaica government to hide their own crimes. Much like the Xtianists in the United States use anti-gay speech to fleece money from their sheeple.

  3. Ozu says

    It’s time raise awareness of this issue like we’ve done with the situation in Russia. We should urge people to not vacation there, skip cruise ships that stop there, and stop buying Jamaican products such as coffee and well, whatever else they make there.

    I think the popularity of reggae and elevation of Bob Marley to icon status coupled with the Jamaican veneration of weed, leads a lot of folks to think it’s a country of laid-back stoners instead of the extremely violent and intolerant bigots that are the majority there.

  4. Leroy Laflamme says

    What does Portia Simpson Miller & her big yap have to say about this? Does it not occur to reporters to pursue that line of questioning when covering the ongoing hate crimes against LGBTs in Jamaica, & indeed, elsewhere in the Caribbean?

  5. andrew says

    LGBT people and their families and friends stay out of that hate filled country. Don’t buy Jamaican goods of any kind. Strangle them economically. Force their political and business leaders to do something about the actions of their hateful populous! It is a small nation and boycotts can hurt them economically. It will force them to change or be an even poorer nation than it is now.

  6. says

    Unlike some others here, I am looking for the person that I can not live without. We all can live with certain people and things. But there are very few people or things we can NOT live without.

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