1. Strepsi says

    This is a fantastic idea! Whenever a bigot or hate group leader makes a pronouncement on behalf of “people of faith” or “Christians” and we fight back, Christians always tell US “we’re not all like that” — but I never get the feeling they tell other CHRISTIANS the same!

    This gives a platform for those progressive Christians to be counted.

  2. says

    I’ve said it so many times… If you really weren’t “all like that,” you wouldn’t be whispering it angrily to me, you’d be shouting it angrily at the vast majority of them who ARE all like that.

    This project is going to be about as successful as the OWN network.

  3. Lymis says

    This is great news, and a great platform.

    Even if it was true (which I’ll dispute) that the majority of Christians are actively hateful and hurtful and bigoted, rather than just silent on the issue and complicit in the hate of those who speak for Christianity, that doesn’t invalidate the “Not ALL like that” concept.

    Even if they are a tiny minority (again, I honestly don’t think so), giving them a voice and a place to come together will only grow the ranks of those who want to be pro-LGBT without giving up their belief in God.

  4. Eugene says

    Does anybody actually believe Christians are “all like that”? I doubt it.

    There surely are Christians who are not like that, but what matters is whether it’s because of Christianity or despite it. Christianity’s past and, to a large extent, present has been anti-gay, and even gay-affirming Christians don’t seem that eager to condemn it. So I don’t see the point of this project.

  5. Brent says

    I don’t get it. Let’s help the poor, unfortunate, hetero, religious people who have tacitly supported hate-filled churches and preachers for decades as they drove gay kids to suicide, because now they feel victimized by the “bigot” label. SCREW THAT! They need to do something tangible for forgiveness and redemption.

  6. Pete N SFO says

    Challenge delivered…

    Now let’s see what they do about it. I suspect that Dan, like myself, is REALLY tired of the vast majority of Xtians remaining silent, in contract to the teaching they espouse to follow. It will be interesting to see if this gains any traction.

    Personally, I’m sick of anything related to religion.

  7. Tranquilo says

    Great idea. It takes away a weapon in bigoted rhetoric, and let’s people know that there’s more than a right-wing fringe interpretation of the Bible (and I say that as an atheist).

  8. woody says

    I e-mailed a link to dan’s website to two actively serving catholic priests who I think might be willing to make videos despite the flack they would take from the hierarchy.

  9. MaryM says

    Not all christians are bigots.

    ALL christians (or indeed anyone who believes in that ‘god’ thing) are wilfully stupid though.

    It is unacceptable for a child older than about 10 to believe in Santa Claus.

    Yet for some reason we have to make allowances and offer respect to morons who believe in some all-powerful, malevolent sky-fairy.

    ‘God’ does not exist.

  10. says

    I think some people are missing the point: this isn’t a project to “defend Christians”, but to show non-progressive Christians that they can make the great mental leap from the dark ages, give up the arhcaic and indefensible anti-LGBT bigotry and prejudice, and still maintain a “faith” or “religious/spiritual” angle that they apparently still need in life.

    I think that’s a terrific idea. I was lucky enough to be born into a family that made the conscious choice to join the United Church of Canada; non-dogmatic, humanist, progressive, LGBT supportive and celebratory, inclusive, with not on iota of that “this is the real one true faith and if you don’t do what we say you’re doomed and damned” nonsense.

    I came out when I was in high school – my entire local church community had my back, and has ever since. they’ve been active with our PFLAG fundraising, they’ve been outspoken and visible allies for the LGBT communities, and a great many have joined my family marching with us in the pride parades. is it to show people that “you shouldn’t hate Christians?” NO _ it’s to show hateful Christians that they don’t need to hate. to show those Christians that one not only “can” be LGBT-inclusive and supportive, but that one SHOULD BE. and ACTIVELY.

    this is the angle it seems some commenters are ignoring, – either willfully or due to a knee-jerk response to religion. i get it, i understand the anti-religigious angle, completely. i’m an anti-deist; that said, you can’t just sit there at your computer “hoping” that all the religious folks out there will just up and drop their beliefs.


    what would help? showing them there are alternatives; they don’t need to belong to a dogmatic hateful anti-LGBT exclusive prejudicial cult of a religion. there are many pro-Equality, inclusive spiritual outlets. I’m one of the few LGBT people whose religious background did not contribute to even ONE BIT of anxiety or pressure or angst about my being gay.

    think on that. isn’t that what we want for others? for them to be born into families and communities that are prepared to love them for who they are?

    this project has the potential to do that – when you show people that they can hold on to the aspects of their chosen faith that provide them with comfort or hope (granted, if those happen…we all know a great many religions do nothing but promote fear and fear-based responses….) without any of the family-damaging non-reality dogmatic SIN OBSESSIONS, you start to eliminate perhaps the most major factor contributing to LGBT prejudice today.

    i can’t fathom how one could find something about that to be upset about.

    again, this is not a project to save the image of Christians, but to help non-progressive Christians change their ways and mindsets by showing them how others have “kept the faith” and dropped the hate.

    i encourage any and all of you to contribute to this project with your own video testimonials, sharing your own personal experiences with “Christianity” as an LGBT person.

  11. StevyD says

    I have always been surrounded by people of great faith, mostly Christian, many Jewish and a few Muslims. All of them preyed for me, and while a few may have preyed for a change in me that will never occur, I have generally been treated with the respect, understanding and love that friendship requires. I have been lucky but I have been a test for some of these friends, a test which they have passed. Whether this was more because of who I am or who they are, I’m not sure. I like to believe it took an equal amount of effort on all our parts.
    Because of my good friends and the faith they hold and which I respect, I thank Dan for his recognition of the goodness that can be, should be, and often is what faith is all about.

  12. Robert M. says

    I understand why he’s doing this project. I don’t think it will make a difference. The number of progressive christians is remarkably low given that there has been a concerted 90 plus year effort on the part of christian fundamentalists to hijack the religion. The ultimate goal being to form an evangelical fundamentalist theocracy in this country. That they are failing is what we should be focusing on. Until the few moderate voices speak up more loudly on their own any effort on our part to profile them will ultimately not help much.

  13. m says

    maybe it will get the most vocal to stop and think. maybe not. i wonder though if you take away the peer pressure and people had the courage to speak up for themselves what would happen? and that’s true for people of all faiths. if the think for a moment to themselves without the noise, how do they really feel about us?

  14. says

    @TrollUFFDA – really? betcha can’t intelligently articulate a specific objection to the content of what i wrote 😀

    hating me won’t make your own life better, and won’t make my life worse.

    *elegant curtsy*

  15. Paul in Honolulu says

    I’m a committed, completely out, gay Christian. *Shocking* Yes, I claim Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. And the folks in my church – all 3,500 of them – love and support me unconditionally because they believe in Him and act like Him.

  16. Pookie says

    Ally building is what matters.

    Dan understands this.

    Making enemies of people that support us is what’s hindered our progress.

    There are extremist factions in every community; in ours there are the subset of people that are “militant atheists” (and are so extreme that most atheists don’t even want to claim them) really no different than the fundamentalist Christians that insist on imposing their beliefs on us.

    Religions reform all the time, Christianity has evolved over time, people who deny religion and religious people have had anything to do with are progress ARE LYING and have THEIR OWN AGENDA.

    Don’t fall for it.

  17. RJ says

    @Robert M. – It’s not that the “number of progressive Christians is remarkably low”. What’s low is the number of progressive Christians willing to be as vocal as fundamentalist Christians. This initiative could help change that.

  18. Caliban says

    It’s a good idea. I’m sick of hearing Christians say “we aren’t all like that” but doing nothing. If Christianity is perceived as being anti-gay it’s because they’ve allowed the Christian Right to set the tone and never did much to refute it.

    Hopefully all those people who try to convince us “they’re not all like that” will use this venue for their views.

  19. says

    it’s just one of those things – non-gay people becoming visible and vocal in their support of the LGBT Communities, and LGBT people being visible and vocal about being LGBT.

    Invisibility always has, and always will be, the enemy.

    The voice of hatred is loud. The voices of equality and truth simply cannot afford to be silent.

  20. Just Asking says

    What makes a person look gay? Just looking at the photo it’s clear that he’s gay, but why? The top of his haircut is gayish but even if his head was completely shaved he would still seem gay. I think about this all the time when I am staring in the mirror.

    I wonder if it is just how we (or some of us) hold our faces, because guys on grindr often look very straight and then I will seem them on the street and they look totally different/completely gay…And I’m just talking about the face, not clothes or haircut.

    Thoughts? Just asking, hope this doesn’t offend anyone (Although that seems impossible here)…

  21. Seattle Mike says

    As can be seen from many of these comments, the Towleroad reader community is not the target audience for these videos. This project definitely has the potential to influence the vast “mushy middle” when it comes to gay issues. Good for you, Dan!

    But the far-right is unreachable unless/until a beloved family member comes out.

  22. T.J says

    Really dan savage? a video projecting wanting to clear the poor “oppressed” reputation of privileged heterosexual Christians (who are not only the majority, but the ones last discriminated in our society)….really? how about a video project of all the LGBT people brutally beat or murdered in America in the past 10 years. Too inconvenient?

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