1. JMC says

    so sad. i wish so much that helping our homeless youth was a priority for LGB rights organizations, but then helping poor black people isn’t particularly glamorous and there’s no money to be made by doing so like there is with same sex marriage

  2. David From Canada says

    There is usually great solidarity in the black community – so why aren’t they doing more to help these black, homeless kids?
    When Trayvon Martin, a straight, black kid was shot and killed, the black community supported him 100%. But these gay, black kids are getting a different reaction. Homophobia strikes again!

  3. QJ201 says

    NO disrepect to the kids who got thrown out, but to listen to a young justify sex work because he wants a $300 pair of sneakers? No sympathy, sorry.

    The other underside of the Piers is that the kids who AREN’T homeless get sucked into the street scene of sex work and drugs…and consumerist based self worth. Labels darling, labels. sad.

  4. JMC says

    David, I find it interesting that you’ve clearly done nothing to stand in solidarity with these kids either but sure did jump at the chance to put the blame on black people.

  5. Rowan says

    JMC, the issue here though is that black posters always come on these blogs are proclaim that there is barely any homophobia in the black community and that people are making an issue out of nothing.

    There has also being quite a few public insults thrown at Macklemore by LGBT black people saying he has no right to be seen as an LGBT figure head because he is white. etc etc

    So is there any wonder people like David say what they do?

  6. Zeta says

    God bless these kids. Thank you, Andy and Kyler, for devoting space to their existence and this documentary. I hope it wins some awards, and that it raises awareness about young homeless LGBTQ around the nation (not just New York).

  7. PrinceHarrysHusband says

    Want to know how to help? Volunteer with the Ali Forney Center

    Q1201 you need to sit down. When someone has nothing and feels like nothing, attaining possessions like sneakers makes that person feel like something even for that one fleeting moment of purchase. They are now just like everyone else. Chiding these kids for “consumerism” is elitist and missing the point.

  8. David From Canada says

    @GER: I’m only embarrassing the Ultra Liberals who see the world through rose-coloured glasses and then become unglued when someone takes the glasses away.

  9. ger says

    David, thanks for the compliment, but I’m just a liberal and not worthy of the descriptor “ultra”. And instead of asking why the black community doesn’t appear to be helping these kids, why don’t you listen to JMC and ask why the gay community doesn’t rally around these kids. Or would that involve you actually doing something about it?

  10. ratbastard says

    PLEASE STOP using that obnoxious phrase “People of Color”. So-called white people are not translucent. WE have various shades of ‘color’. And in the English language it should read as colored people, not people of color.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “They’ve turned the gay mecca of NY (Christopher St.) into a ghetto slum.”

    Yes, James. So, now when you pee in the alley no one cares.

  12. Pookie says

    TO get kids off the streets, educated, and off drugs would make all those people who have jobs that make it possible for them to live on the streets have to find new jobs, so, nothing’s going to change.

    Because the very people that portent to be “helping” those kids, they are exploiting them.

    The attitude in SF was “they choose to live that way, leave them alone”. It’s disgusting.