NRA Commentator Compares Starbucks Policy Against Guns to Anti-Gay Discrimination: VIDEO


Gun enthusiast and NRA News commentator Colion Noir is not happy about Starbucks new policy asking customers to leave their guns at home.

Says Noir:

"In the wake of Starbucks coming out of the proverbial anti-gun closet - yes, I said anti-gun - because when you request that I don't bring my gun with me into your store, that's an anti-gun stance. Think about it. When you say 'We're not pro- or anti-gay but please all gay people - we respectfully ask that you not bring your gayness into the store. I mean, we'll still serve you, but if you can leave the gayness at the door, we would much appreciate it.' Now if that's what they said I highly doubt Tom Ford would go start designing a black Tuscan coffee signature cologne in support of this stance."