1. Kev C says

    Rap music was created by and for homophobes.

    What is the one thing that most gay bashers have in common, whether it be black, white, latino, russian, etc? Rap and Hip Hop, which inspires gay bashers with messages of violence, masculinaty and homophobia.

    Just the sound of rap music can trigger post-traumatic stress in the victims of gay violence, regardless of artist or message. If you’re serious about ending homophobia and gay bashing, you should never support rap music.

  2. denizo says

    “Just the sound of rap music can trigger post-traumatic stress in the victims of gay violence.”

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen said on the internet all day.

  3. Jeff Kurtti says

    It sort of reminds me on a great-uncle of mine, back in the early 70s, who was “tired of seeing the colored people” everywhere on the news and TV.

    “Except that Fred Sanford. He knows his place.”

    The times, they are a-changin. As they always do. And some people have a REALLY hard time with it.

  4. David Schmader says

    Thank you Kev C! That is the funniest collection of words since Colbert’s Correspondents Dinner address.

  5. atomic says

    @Anon: If you call in to a radio station and talk to the DJ (as opposed to management) during his show, then you are pretty much asking to be recorded and put on the air. You have no reasonable expectation of confidentiality or privacy, no more than you can be expected to have your conversations private if you are shouting into a bullhorn in the middle of Times Square.

  6. Kev C says

    I see some people are not serious about ending homophobia.

    In Israel, the music of Richard Wagner is permanently banned from the radio out of respect for the victims of the Nazis (Hitler’s favorite composer, played in concentration camps). Too bad gays can’t show respect to their victims of hatred.

  7. Stephen says

    @ALEX, so why can I listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos of radio station brodcasts as many times as I want? Once you go on air on a call in radio show, then it is open season for anyone that wants to listen.

  8. Kev C says

    Rapper Macklemore is building on a legacy of hatred and homophobia. He is a fool and he will be hated as a result. Did anyone expect different results? Seriously.

  9. jjose712 says

    Kev C: Of all the trolls (and there’s a lot) in this site, you are probably the most ridiculous. Congratulations.

  10. Kev C says

    Selling gay rappers to a hip-hop audience is like selling ice-cubes to eskimos. Only an idiot would buy it.

    How many here bought it?

  11. jamal49 says

    @KEV C: OK, darlin, now take a deep breath. There. One more. OK, now, listen up. You need to go and do a little research on the history of rap and hip-hop and who started and when and where and why. OK? It’s really easy, you know, because of Google and all.

    Then, just so you know, not all rap or rappers is nor are homophobic. Yeah, some of the sh*t has been, but just so you know, some of the newer rappers and Hip-Hop people aren’t really bothered by gay people any more.

    Even the older rappers aren’t so hung up on it anymore. Live and let live. Life goes on.

    Really. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Kev, because you talk some really stupid sh*t about sh*t you know nothing about.

    Now, Kev, do us a favor. Sit down and shut up.

  12. Matt says

    I guess I don’t understand what internet trolls get out of saying hateful and stupid things online, just for the sake of it.
    No hobbies? Or a job for that matter?


  13. Kev C says

    Supporting any type of rap is supporting homophobia. The music, and the industry surrounding it, was built by and for homophobes. Anyone who doesn’t think so, is an idiot. Trust me, Macklemore is not wanted in the hip hop community, and this will become more apparent so that even an idiot can see it.

  14. Jonster says

    Sounds like Craig’s trying real hard to rid himself of anything that reminds him of his natural tendencies. To homophobes, Gay People are their biggest fear and BEST fantasy. Truth.

  15. brian says

    This is great 92.9 is not a station in an urban area. It’s got South Bend and Notre Dame, but by and large this is farm country in north central Indiana. Nice to see someone taking such a strong stand on the issue in a place you might not expect it.

  16. TonyJazz says

    Well Kev C certainly has made the comments for this article interesting.

    I don’t think his opinions speak for most of us (at least, I hope not). Rap and Hip Hop certainly have their bigotted tones, but what about the hatred directed towards us from country artists?

    Good for this radio station for their posture (especially in a state that tends to be backward socially).

  17. Kev C says

    Some gays think homophobia is a joke. They want to jump on a bandwagon but don’t care who is already on the wagon, where it came from or who built it.

  18. ToThePoint says

    The son is gay (otherwise why would he ask him to listen) and now more terrified than ever knowing his own dad wants him gone. Hate in the name of god for piss sake. IF there was a god, then his judgement would land him directly in hell….WITHOUT passing GO! Sorry bastard he is and gives a damn only about his own brainwashing.

  19. BABH says

    “In Israel, the music of Richard Wagner is permanently banned from the radio out of respect for the victims of the Nazis”

    This is false, as common sense and/or 3 seconds of Googling could tell you. Wagner is in fact played on Israel’s state-owned radio and TV. Also, if you want your opinion on the history of the genre to be taken seriously, it would help if you knew the difference between hip-hop and rap (which you clearly don’t).
    If you’re ignorant and you don’t have your facts straight, you shouldn’t be surprised that no-one listens to you, no matter how loud you shout.

  20. Kev C says

    Hey Bollox, look at the playlists of every gay basher you find. I guarentee you’ll find mostly rap music.

    Here’s Tilo Sandoval, the Denver gay basher from last week:

    Hispanic male – likes Drake, Tupac, Waka Flocka and Big Sean.

    Do some research.
    Get educated.

  21. Kevin C here's a clue says

    Clearly the entire music industry hates Macklemore and Ryan Lewis or they would have been invited to play at some award shows… oh really? They’ve play at all of them, even made a couple up just so they could play at them, well that doesn’t sound like hate at all.

  22. Hagatha says

    KEV C – And you admire that kind of censorship? In the US and England I have been banned from several comment forums. Would you like to know the reason? For TELLING THE TRUTH. Not my opinion stated as the truth, easily verifiable data and easily observable tactics.

    Banning Wagner because Hitler liked him? Have they also banned strudel? Surely Hitler liked strudel.

  23. D.R.H. says

    Wow, there’s been some crazy trolls on Towleroad – Jason, RJP3, that idiot that said HIV was because gay men partied too hard – but Kev C may have taken the crazy train into another dimension.

  24. Kev C says

    Hey BABH, anyone who does MORE than a 3 second search will see I’m telling the truth. Wagner was banned for almost 50 years until 1995. And I’m sure Wagner isn’t getting lots of radio play in Israel. The last attempted Wagner concert in Israel in 2012, was cancelled due to protests. Because Israel cares about the victims of it’s hate crimes, unlike gays.

    I’m not suggesting banning repulsive hate music. But I would like to see people:
    1) acknowledge the victims and their feelings and stop insulting them
    2) realize that young men, often raised without a father figure, get their inspiration from rap music. We know that crimes have been inspired by rap music – because the criminals told us so. Just as Wagner inspired Hitler, Rap has inspired homophobia. You want to laugh at my statements? Get bent, homophobe.

  25. TonyJazz says

    …and Kev C posts yet another racial mess…

    Give it up. Most of us do not support any type of racism: yours or others….