1. Paul in Honolulu says

    And if they still hold a business license and refuse service to gay customers, they’ll continue to be in violation of the law.

  2. says

    You are welcome to run a bakery but if you want to sell to the public then you can’t discriminate and that’s exactly what you were doing. If a Jewish, Muslim, Buddest, African, Chinese, Hispanic American came in would you deny them a wedding cake? Answer: most likely yes because you’ve proven yourselves to be bigots. And for that you cannot sell your cake to the general public. Take them to the church and hope to GOD your business survives. I don’t give it much of a chance tho’. People really don’t like doing business with haters.

  3. Mark Austin says

    By “God will take care of us”, I think they mean “we’ll be on welfare soon”.

    Pompous, incorrect, and bigoted. Good luck – you’ll need it.

  4. Bubba says

    Baking in your home for retail sales is usually illegal. They will need a commercial kitchen and inspections. I hope the local officials are on their toes.

  5. says

    as the pre-shutdown investigation revealed, they had no problem making cakes for a divorce, for an atheist event, for a DOG wedding.

    they only became “Christians” when it was time to hate on the gays.

    their freedom of religion was in no way attacked. their freedom to discriminate against gay people in the BUSINESS they run ran afoul of anti-discrimination laws. it’s that simple. a business can’t discriminate against a person because of their sexual orientation.

    oh well. enjoy explaining to your kids that God wants you to be broke.

  6. jakeinlove says

    Well if I’m supposed to feel sorry for them because they can’t abide by the law – even as the bible tells them to do, I don’t.

    Good luck with the home baking and making the announcement about it. I’m sure the state health officials won’t visit…

  7. Alex says

    1.) Those cupcakes are sloppy as hell.

    2.) Their storefront was poorly decorated.

    3.) Given what they were wearing for the interview, what would they consider a dress-up occasion? They both look like they just fell off a Goodwill truck. My lord someone donate a few outfits to these slobs.

  8. Butch says

    They can produce home-baked goods for direct sales to consumers under something called a cottage law (Oregon is one of about 26 states with a cottage law) but there are restrictions on what can be produced, how you can sell it, and how much money you can make a year from the sales. It’s for the hobbyist; you could never make a living doing it.

  9. Pookie says

    They COULD just simply stop making wedding cakes, problem solved.

    The other option, they could move to Russia…

  10. Luke says

    A couple things.. that bigot is kinda hot. Lol. And why do straight guys always wear t-shirts that are 2 sizes too big? Get some clothes that fit! Anyway, good riddance. Nobody will miss your little bakery.

  11. Robert says

    Defendin’ yer beliefs on CBN has to be one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed. Clueless rednecks, no wonder they didn’t last in Oregon.

  12. NYC says

    Yet another couple of super market christians (those who choose something from this isle, and something else from another isle) who got caught in the bigotry trying to hide it as religion. It was made perfectly clear by your actions that you would bake special cakes for just about any sin – commandment or not – but when gay came up – suddenly it’s about your morals and beliefs.

    I will never understand how “good christians” could flock to their adulterous, murdering and rapists children and yet kick to the curb their gay children.

    Need to take a good look at your “good book” again. Ignorance isn’t pretty and religious ignorance is the worst. Bunch of sheep following some of the worst excuses for “christains” that ever walked – all about greed, adultery, power etc.

  13. Caliban says

    Cripes. These people had NO problem taking orders for divorce celebration cakes, dog “weddings,” pagan rituals, etc.

    But a “gay” wedding?! No, THAT offends their delicate Christian sensibilities!

  14. Gestly says

    Both you bigots will owe us gays a big thanks for paying at least 10% of the tax burden for providing welfare and foodstamps to your family.

    Or maybe we can deny social benefits to false christians and bigots, and just let them starve?

  15. David says

    Why not give an interview to a real news organization, one that might ask tough questions about their religious bigotry? My guess is that they don’t have the guts.

  16. Quicksilver says

    Who the hell would want a cake from these two hilljack rejects anyway? Shouldn’t they be out poaching deer on their four-wheelies with a can of Schlitz in one hand and a lazy-eyed baby in the other?

  17. Hey Darlin' says

    Some people would push a broken down oxcart full of excrement uphill if it would prove their point, or their self-interpreted version of the law in this case.

    It doesn’t sound like their version of God is providing for them so far. He truly does work in mysterious ways, sometimes to make clear your own error.

  18. Seattle Mike says

    Earlier photos show that this guy has a tattoo, in direct defiance of God’s will as expressed in Leviticus 19:28: “‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.'”

  19. PAUL B. says

    Look for Kevin & Melissa featured in the upcoming episode of “Hillbilly Handfishing”.
    Catfish cupcakes anyone…baked by loving christian couple in need of a makeover.

  20. walter says

    sorry but i don’t think i would want a wedding cake baked by two people that looked that grungy

  21. Bernie says

    If these folks could discriminate against gays, then what about those who want to discriminate against Jews, blacks, Asians, Muslims, folks with tattoos, etc??!?!!?

  22. Hagatha says

    Bubba, Baking in your home for retail sales is not illegal, nor should it be.

    As for refusing to cook for gay people, it’s their right as they enjoy freedom of association. The Oregon law is neither moral nor valid. They shouldn’t have to serve gay people, and gay people are free to encourage others to refuse to do business with the bakery.

  23. EchtKultig says

    Exactly Hagatha. They should also be able to not serve blacks, Muslims or Hindus…you know…because of their “Freedom of Association.”

  24. Hagatha says

    ECHTKULTIG – Absolutely. In a free society the state has no business telling you how to run your business or sell your labor.