1. Adam says

    Ugh. Another diva with some artpop. Desperate to stay relevant it’s on the same level as an ad for American Horror Story. Wasn’t very interesting. What is revolutionary about it?

  2. Adam says

    What the hell does a woman know about male sexuality? Isn’t it time we gay guys stopped embracing the female perspective on our sexuality? Just as we shouldn’t be accepting the straight male perspective on lesbianism, we should also not be accepting a woman’s perspective on our sexuality.

    Go away, Madonna.

  3. crispy says

    Isn’t it time we gay guys stopped letting idiot trolls like Jason/Adam/Whateverthehellhescallinghimself control the conversation on this site?

    YouTube just announced that they are no longing allowing anonymous comments to end the horrible racism and homophobia that exists there. Towleroad, time to step up and take control of your own comments section.

  4. johnny says

    That face looks freshly stretched and flawless, that part was interesting.

    Her outfit was not age appropriate, however.

    How unfortunate.

    Nobody wants to see Madge vadge.

  5. FernLaPlante says

    Huge turnouts for the premiers in Chicago last night (they had five projected on various buildings in the city between 9pm and midnight.) It’s strange and beautiful.

  6. Graphicjack says

    Clearly, none of you bitches actually watched the video or the interview. Madonna, while on her last tour, was disgusted by the oppression and hate that she saw in Iran, Russia, France… And the apathy in the US about politics and the right for free speech and voting. She decided to spend her own money, not to promote herself or a product, to speak out against oppression, violence an hatred, and to encourage other artists to express themselves artistically on what freedom means to them. A year or so ago, all of you were complaining that Madonna hasn’t don’t anything for our community… A pure falsehood, by the way. Now you’re saying she is self involved for doing something that is the exact opposite of self involvement. Whether or not you like her or her music, how can anyone begrudge her for speaking her mind and speaking on behalf of people who are oppressed for their religion, sex, age, ability, race, nationality or gender or sexual orientation? She’s the only artist brave enough to say this… And you all are so bitter and ungrateful to thank her for it. No wonder she feels there is no compassion in this world. You are just proving her point.

  7. iban4yesu says

    She will stop at nothing for the self- aggrandizement.

    That nice ass on the Asian dancer had to be offset with the same old feminization (fan, heels….), of course.

    The bottom line: Nothing really changes.

  8. graphicjack says

    iban4yesu – read my comment above… this is NOT about Madonna… this is about her hoping to inspire others to express their opinions about what freedom means to them. It’s amazing how willfully people want to ignore her message, which should be a message our community embraces, even if you don’t like her personally. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  9. graphicjack says

    … and your divisive comments about femme men/feminist women are just as oppressive as anything Russia, Uganda, Jamaica, so-called Christians, or any of our other enemies throw at us. Let’s embrace others as we wish to be embraced… or shut up and accept your oppression as you oppress others.

  10. RR3 says

    Madonna haters are so embarrassing. Waaaa – someone is famous and doing things with their career and their influence for the good of the world. Waaaaa! So inappropriate! She can’t act. Waaaaaa! Bunch of assholes.

  11. Anthony says

    She is Truly Amazing. And what she is saying about a much needed revolution, and the human race as a whole needing to change for a greater good is True and Amazing. Thank You Madonna.

  12. Adam says

    Madonna is pretentious. Like many women, she appears uncomfortable with the idea of masculine homosexuality and thus seeks to feminize it. She’s the female equivalent of straight guys who sexually exploit lesbianism in adult movies.

    Madonna just needs to go away, and so do the sycophants who hang on her every word.

  13. Adam says

    Because of Lady Gaga and Madonna my parents thought that I wanted to be a girl when they found out I was gay and for the last 5 Christmases they keep buying me lacey frilly bras and panties and I blame Madonna for it.

  14. PiFunk says

    I was not going to respond after I read all the troll comments here. Until I saw the comments of Graphicjack, Crispy, Frenelapnate and RR3. Apologies for anyone else who I neglect to mention who saw this video and saw the message. Thank you for being a compassionate, intelligent human being.

    I already know by typing this that I will receive the usual backlash I have come to seen on Towleroad when someone gives their point of view. It can range from the smallest of issues to something of dire importance. What is shocking is the negativity I have learned to become accustomed to here..

    For those of you commenting negatively on the video Madonna released. Ask yourself…. where is the financial gain to her? She did this on her own dollar.

    Secondly…. WHEN have you seen the world? Granted, I was lucky enough to be born into a country whereby my health, education and success (compared to so many countries in the world) were all but guaranteed. I have lived in SEVERAL countries in the world. And I have seen some despicable prejudicial things. I now live in the US. For the record, my mother tongue is English…. which gives either American, Canadian, UK or Australia as my citizenship.

    I lived in Switzerland and recall the SVP posters with the black sheep being kicked from off of the swiss flag by white sheep. It took me a while to see it. When I moved to Zurich I actively chose an area of color (I am white) because I am used to a diverse life. It what my life is. I do not believe in segregation. Yet I recall seeing those billboards in 2007 and wondering what century I was in.

    I lived in Germany and recall the hatred and negativity towards Turkish people. WHY?

    What I am saying is that its easy for you all to sit in your house, watch the video, CNN or Foxnews and just treat it all as “it is worlds away”. Then mock someone who has seen it and wants to make a difference. Regardless if that person wore a wedding dress on the 1984 MTV awards, if you do not like her music, if she is 55. WHO CARES?

    That person is doing more than you.

    And by criticizing that person for even trying to make a difference… You are no better than the persecutors.

  15. David B says

    As ever, kudos for trails blazed and a keen eye, & no doubt she’s facing a weirdly misogynistic double-standard on every move she makes – no one rags on Springsteen for his looks/being time-stamped, etc.
    Even so, it plays out like a Gap ad that aimed for Vogue & ended up American Life via Whatever Happened to Baby Jane…

  16. Icebloo says

    Madonna speaking out against corporate brands when she IS a corporate brand.

    Madonna claiming she isn’t taken seriously because she is blonde – er, no Madonna you are NOT a blonde, you are a brunette. Because you lie we don’t take you seriously.

    Madonna who wants to start a revolution yet she didn’t have the balls to release her video criticizing George W Bush because she feared it would affect the sales of her American Life album – even though she didn’t need to make any more money in her whole life. The video was shown in the UK once, then she withdrew it and made a replacement once she saw what the Dixie Chicks were going through.

    Madonna who says she wants to be taken as seriously as Gandhi. Yes. She really did say that.

    Madonna is the most self absorbed, superficial, self-promoting no talent of all time. She is so far removed from reality now she actually thinks she is a God. WHAT A LOSER !

  17. Marc says

    This film’s beauty and message brought tears to my eyes and a fire to my heart. And the interview, my god, I will say it’s the best interview of Madonna I have ever seen. It terms of humanity and where we are headed. “Big Picture” ideals. This is unparalleled.
    Madonna, thank you. My fire is lit.

  18. Mike says

    Thought provoking, stylish but as a long time fan, I feel it falls short. When preaching about diversity etc it may better suit you to take off your gloves. What are you hiding? Show us your beautiful, worn hands. I’m sure they could tell a thousand stories about work, preserverance and life. Be proud not artificial.

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