1. HadenoughBS says

    It’s interesting to see these BSA dropouts form their own bigoted “Christian” alternative to Scouting with its emphasis on homophobic character building and anti-gay leadership. I’m sure the creation of Trail Life USA will make scouting that much more inclusive and safer for all concerned.

  2. RONTEX says

    As long as they don’t receive any government funding or tax breaks that I’M paying for, good for them. This will make the Boy Scouts that much safer for ALL types of boys.

  3. Caliban says

    They want to be the premier Christian youth group AND be inclusive of other religions? Yeah, right!

    Trail Life? Well I guess “Hitler Youth” was already taken…..

  4. David in the O.C. says

    I’m sure this organization will do fine. There are a lot of Christians who believe that God is ever-so-pleased if you’re as anti-gay as possible. Those are the same ignorant Chick-Fil-A lovin’, so-called Christians that follow the vile scumbag, Mike Huckabee. Enjoy your God-sanctioned bigotry, assholes.

  5. Mike Ryan says

    I agree with @DAVID IN THE O.C. – as long as my tax dollars don’t go anywhere near this organization they are free little campers. They will, of course, never be able to keep gays out of the organization. The idea that all the boys are dedicated heterosexuals is enough to drive those gays who love sucking on straight dicks even more appealing. Growing up in my early to late teens there wasn’t a straight guy I was able to get my fingers around. I have several brothers, all older, who brought their buds home for the weekend all the time. Those were some great times… :-)

  6. woody says

    They’re going to allow boys who are “experiencing same-sex attraction or gender confusion.” Sounds like conversion therapy to me, which is illegal in several states. If they try this in New York or New Jersey, those states should investigate.

  7. Hey Darlin' says

    What a shame for Nashville to have it’s name emblazoned on that sad patch.

    This all looks very slip-shod to me. Like a sad excuse for a “media event” minus the media and event. I’m with the others, be self supporting because your not using my tax dollars to indoctrinate children into your hate.

    Oh and – Won’t someone think of the children? Yes, the poor children raised in an anti-gay bubble only to discover they have to exist in the real world.

  8. Kari says

    They have every right to form and promote their group but it’s sad that some of the boys that will end up in their leagues will undoubtedly be forced to deny their true selves and probably most of them will be bullied and dehumanized by smiling christian bigots. To be sure, some of them will kill themselves. That’s just how it works with groups like these. The only reason why they even formed was because they’re anti-gay. Cool, be christian and all that, but they need to realize that you can’t pray or hate gay away.

  9. Bill says

    @woodroad34: they may not be dead (as you suggest in German), but this is not necessarily a bad thing. As the bigots flock to their new organization, it will become easier for the BSA to end its discriminatory policies because votes opposing the elimination will have moved to somewhere else.

  10. Marc says

    They should change their “Character/Adventure/Leadership” tagline to simply #NoHomo…. since that is what they are building their entire organization around.
    Sad people.

  11. Jason Young says

    This is actually a good thing for the Boy Scouts because the most vocal opponents for open scouting for not just gays, but also atheists, will be departing in the coming years. Let them have their knock off organization. The Boy Scouts will have a rough couple of decades, but they will wind up stronger in the long run by being fully inclusive.

  12. Matt says

    “We hope that we have a battalion of men…who will have the skills, the manly skills, to take back our culture.”

    A battalion of men with manly skills. And what are these manly skills that this battalion of men going to possess? I’m curious.

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