1. seattle_2013 says

    @JACKFKNTWIST: Clearly you didn’t listen or watch the video. They said rhinos charge at anything that moves in these situations. If his friend ran over or rode over to help, it would’ve made it worst.

    …So calm down…jeesh…

  2. David From Canada says

    I’ve been challenged by a charging racoon in my backyard(and at the last moment we both ran away at the same time). And then it came back and we did the same thing all over again.
    So far no charging rhinos…….

  3. Frozen North says

    “Thanks to the Chinese, very soon we won’t need to worry about rhinos charging anyone.

    POSTED BY: D.R.H. | SEP 25, 2013 2:23:20 PM”

    Right..because white, Europeans and Americans never hunted anything to extinction. You know that…or encroaching populations and habitat destruction didn’t get them to the endangered list first.

  4. D.R.H. says

    Frozen North, seriously? What hole are you living in?
    You’re correct, white populations have hunted species to extinction, how does that justify the continued slaughter of any species. And, clearly, you’ve never been to Africa… or looked at a map. It’s BIG. REALLY BIG. The rhino has loads of room to survive without fear of being encroached upon, so that theory is pooched as well.
    This has nothing to do with racial prejudice. Any bit of research will show you that TCM is driving a huge demand for rhino horn in China and Vietnam. The surge in rhino poaching has been especially rapid in the last couple years. Until we stop putting our heads in the sand for fear of offending the offenders, these incredible animals will cease to exist, just like their western counterparts.

  5. jamal49 says

    @FROZEN NORTH Just so you know, Chinese men believe that ground rhino horns impart extreme virility and makes their dicks grow bigger and harder. They are the biggest black market for rhino horns, particularly black rhino horns, in the world.

  6. Squeak says

    Rhinos, particularly black ones, are usually real sweetiepies. I’ve known a few. This fellow was obviously a bit upset at being described so unkindly and inappropriately as “critically endangered”.

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