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Mister Chase's 'Wonderful' Video to the LGBT People in Russia: WATCH


Singer-songwriter Mister Chase (you may recall his cover from last month of Bonnie McKee's "American Girl") has a message for the LGBT people of Russia: you are wonderful.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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  1. I found that mildly offensive. Like pandering from a huge company.

    Posted by: Fenrox | Sep 9, 2013 3:38:12 PM

  2. What a very impressive voice! Good message, smartly done.

    No complaints here!

    Posted by: TonyJazz | Sep 9, 2013 6:28:33 PM

  3. looks like someone saw the opportunity to make money, I get the message of hope but really how is this video gonna help the teen that's just been brutally assaulted by a bunch of thugs...it's not like they'll just look at the vid bleeding, broken & go, 'yeah, he's right I am beautiful....I shouldn't worry about getting beaten up again or killed next time'...

    Posted by: qwerty | Sep 9, 2013 8:15:10 PM

  4. Geez people. My takeaway on this video was a great message of solidarity with a down-trodden minority: hang in there, you're wonderful, and you'll get through this, you're not alone in your fight.

    Posted by: castaway | Sep 9, 2013 8:55:55 PM

  5. cept that he assumes the russian LGBTs have access to this video and can comprehend his level of english, not their own language

    Posted by: Thrutch | Sep 10, 2013 2:14:43 AM

  6. Like every time he sings he comes off totally arrogant and self absorbed. If you were really worried about the Russians, you wouldn't be so concerned about getting those camera angles just right to make yourself look what you think is sexy.

    Posted by: RayJacksonMS | Sep 10, 2013 2:45:46 AM

  7. Can't anyone just get with the spirit of it? Why do so many micro-analyze with the seeming purpose of trashing. Supercilious shits all.

    Posted by: acde | Sep 10, 2013 6:46:21 PM

  8. I really liked it. It comes off as genuine, and is certainly his best original work.

    Posted by: Randy | Oct 18, 2013 8:23:41 AM

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