1. Tom says

    Can we all just ignore Peter Madden and his ilk? Please?

    He’s a crazy troublemaker who thrives on public attention but consistently fails to actually win elections and get into parliament. Thank goodness the voters in my state of Tasmania were sensible enough not to elect him to the Senate three weeks ago.

    Ambassador Berry seems a really nice guy, I hope he enjoys his time in Australia!

  2. Tim doro says

    family first party is a living breathing oxymoron and frankly they are all dicks of the highest degree. Racist, sexist, homophobic dicks

  3. sugarrhill says

    Where are all the posters that were up in arms about a minority, non-governmental group of fundamentalist Christians in the Dominican Republic expressing their distaste for a gay ambassador? Why aren’t they showing up on this post condemn the entire nation for this man’s views and painting the entire population with a homophobic brush?

  4. Hue-Man says

    Quick googling suggests that another ignorant gay-hating (attempted) politician lied. Australian law says that a foreign marriage of two men (or two women) must not be recognized by Australia as a marriage. This does not make it illegal to refer to your husband as your “spouse” or “snookums” or “sweetie pie”.

  5. MikeMB says

    As an aside, Mr. Berry is not the first gay ambassador appointed by a G-20 nation. He was appointed in the summer of 2013. Canada’s ambassador to Iceland was appointed in September of 2012. Here’s a link to a photo of him and his husband in the Iceland pride parade.

  6. MikeMB says

    Never mind my comment above…I misread “to a G-20 country” as “by a G-20 country. Carry on.

  7. JCTSF says

    Ugh. “My spouse.” Can’t he just say “my husband” … ? “Spouse”, when self-referentially spoken, is the most stilted word in the language!

  8. E. Carpenter says

    Of course, a diplomat is not subject to most laws of his or her target country, by international law.

    There are lots of Australians who call their same-sex partners “husband” or “wife”, regardless of their legal status. This guy is out of step with his fellow Australians.

  9. Jamey says

    More googling leads to wikipedia where we find out that he has a porn and sex addiction that led to the break up of his first marriage.

  10. MiddleoftheRoader says

    As those who know John Berry from when he lived in Washington DC, he is a good human being, hard working, humble and honest. His reference to his “spouse” in his video was far from a “deliberate challenge” to Australia, but instead reflected a diplomatic expression of what almost every ambassador says about him/herself and family to their new “adopted” countries. Good for him for being true to himself and his home country. He will be well-received by most Australians.

  11. Tyler says

    Towleroad is full of trolls like Adam. Actually, they’re all the same person: Rick. We get it, Rick/Jason/Adam/Adrenan P: you’re mentally ill. Please take your sad and negative insanity some place else.

  12. David says

    Just to keep everything in perspective – that Madden guy would be the equivalent of a Jesse Helms or Tony Perkins in the US. Madden does not represent the vast majority of Australians.

  13. Greg in Oz says

    @Lipter and ADAM.
    Live in Oz do you?
    No? Live in ‘merica?…..mmmmm.
    Don’t think we are the first to have a homophobe elected into office :-), but that’s by-the-by.
    In reality, this guy has about as much cred and impact in Oz as does Eugine ‘Delusional’ Delgadio has in the USA – which is zero, schiltz and none!
    That’s one of the reasons why he moved from Sydney to Tassie – no-one was listening to him when he prayed for rain at the Mardi Gras’ or tried to stop it proceeding through various court attempts. He is a joke and largely treated as one in the country. As I said above, he moved from Sydney (Sin City!!) to the more ‘conservative’ state of Tasmania in an attempt to have his voice heard, but no-one is listening to him down there either.
    And just for the record, while the new US Ambassadors video was widely reported – including the bit about his partner – I saw none of the negativity nor abuse that one would expect in a ‘country full of homophobes’ from the MSM when they reported it. On the contrary, nearly all news outlets mentioned his relationship with no bias included at all. If anything, the reports I saw deliberately emphasised that point as though to point out how backward we are here in NOT recognising these relationships (yet!!!!).

  14. Ozguynyc says

    Dear Hagatha: As a citizen of both countries I can tell you that your comment is both ridiculous and ill-informed. Australians all over were thrilled when Obama was elected because they so despised Bush; mainly because he lead Oz into war in Iraq. As a left leaning country Australia is always happier when a democrat is in the white house and BO is no exception. The colour of his skin is irrelevant.

  15. Molc says

    Australia is a very backward nation-2 of the last tree Prime Minister’s (Gillard and Abbott are raging homophobes) pandering to groups (i.e. making promises)like FRC and AFA. Sick making. Not surprising in this sort of environment, this stupidity is often embraced. Australia is at the ass end of the world for a reason.

  16. Jerry6 says

    Considering that Australia was founded by European criminals that European countries no longer wanted among decent people, it appears that the gentleman really has no standing to comment about another country’s Ambassador.