1. Steve says

    The JWs were persecuted because they opposed the Nazi ideology, refused allegiance to the state, refused to make the Hitler salute and refused to serve in the military. The latter was punished by death even aside from the rest.

    Of course he wants to pretend that people were killed for studying the Bible. Which is pure BS.

  2. says

    I would like to know what educational qualifications this oaf has.
    No doubt he bought a Ph.D. from some bible thumping half baked bogus $h1thole college for Neanderthals.

    It’s amazing what publicity a big mouth can attract.
    Maybe it’s the Ted Cruz school for idiots – that shameful dunce who talks about ‘minor ivys’ in his conceited ramblings.

  3. Dan says

    As a former JW and a 4th generation, I would just like to make a small comment: No matter what couintry they are in they maintain complete political neutrality. Nazi Germanty just persecuted them for it.
    FYI Glenn Beck is an idiot

  4. MIke says

    Did you ever see this musical “Springtime for Hilter”? Well DON’T. Not only are there “short, but disturbing, round of laughter” but people are howling! Your sensitive souls couldn’t take it.

  5. tinkerbelle says

    It’s the new reality (not so new, just coming into it’s own). As stated above, he who shouts loudest… The problem is more about the listeners, who don’t seem to bother to take the time to parse anything because it’s just…so…boring. Or tiresome. Or gee I think I could really go for a double cheese bratwurst pizza right now.

    These guys would just go away if they didn’t have an audience.

    I hope that thing on the side of his face is deadly.

    “Springtime for Hitler” was the “musical” in Mel Brook’s “The Producers”. It was a parody. I do believe that Mel, and the films stars Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel, were Jewish. So go figure.

  6. FFS says

    Not surprising. If “Values Voters” knew anything about anything, they’d just refer to themselves with the same name “Values Voters” went by 70 years ago. Nazis.

  7. Bill says

    @robertL: he may be going to hell, but he is not going to Hell (which was seriously put down in 1855 by Thomas Thayer – for an excerpt).

    Wiccans come out on top: “In Wicca, there is no such thing as hell because Wiccans largely don’t believe in the concept of punishment or reward.[59] Although Wiccan views differ among different Wiccan denominations, Wiccans tend to prefer viewing their god or goddess as a gentle deity.[60]” —

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