1. greg says

    A*#*#holes! I hope they get millions of dollars in fines and life in prison. Yeah, “muscles!” He has only fat!

  2. Endora says

    OK, so the guys are dickheads but it’s not like they chopped a piece off the Great Sphinx of Giza for a souvenir.

  3. Stan D says

    This is something I sincerely doubt any gay scout leaders would have done.

    During the ban on gays in the military, we regarded the term “military intelligence” to be an oxymoron.
    With the ban on gays as scout leaders, you wind up with this.

    ( I’m making an assumption as to the orientation of the men who did this, but I’m thinking it’s a safe bet )

  4. Stan D says

    This is something I sincerely doubt any gay scout leaders would have done.

    During the ban on gays in the military, we regarded the term “military intelligence” to be an oxymoron.
    With the ban on gays as scout leaders, you wind up with this.

    ( I’m making an assumption as to the orientation of the men who did this, but I’m thinking it’s a safe bet )

  5. crispy says

    Those rock formations are called “goblins,” hence the name Goblin Park. Common sense would tell ya’ not to mess with the park’s namesake attractions.

  6. Michael W. says

    “Moved a couple of old rocks? My God!”
    “Stonehenge, Pats.”
    “So? They should be glad of the publicity!”

  7. says

    And the Taliban blew up the famous statue of the Buddah.

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

    But at least they’re straight…….and with the Repugs they nearly have a monopoly on fathomless ignorance.

  8. micheal d says

    i think some people are missing the point of this post
    it’s not about the rocks … it’s about the complete lack of respect and destructive nature of these “men” and the fact that this type of person is a more acceptable role model to the boy scouts than a gay man

  9. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Actually, the point is definitely the rocks and that’s point enough. Only a moron would think that destroying a natural monument inside a park is acceptable. But we do have a lot of morons in this country, by design.

  10. jjose712 says

    bollox: You need to get used to it.
    The site is interesting, and some comments are interesting too, but yes, sometimes is stupid trolling overload

  11. Christopher says

    I know, I know…. nothing is 200 Million years old, the world is only 9000 years old and because they meet the requirement of “Boy Scout leader”, they can do anything and it’s correct.

  12. Soren456 says

    Mormon men in Mormon Utah will not be punished for having a little fun in the dirt. And they saved a life doing it: you can be sure that that is a successful defense.

  13. Fahd says

    This is against Boy Scouts “Leave No Trace” ethic which calls for a “Leave what you find” approach to nature.

    These guys should no longer be leaders, and they should be prosecuted under whatever State laws may apply.

    They are bad example for Scouts and everyone.

    There are bad apples in every organization, but I thank towleroad for exposing them in anti-gay organizations especially.

  14. Howard says

    The wanton destruction is bad enough, but what is worse is that they really believe this was just harmless fun. WHAT IDIOTS!

  15. tinkerbelle says

    @JackFknTwist — plus ça change, plus que les connards qui sont responsable pour ce genre de connerie dégoutant sont destinés à nager dans leur propre merde. C’est tout simplement une question de temps.

    So there. May they suffer the extent of their ignorance.

  16. walter says

    these men are supposed to be teaching these boys values which seems to be something the men lack. so much for the principles of the scouts .

  17. Kenny C says

    Reminds me of the Mormon Bishop that led a “harmless panty raid” during the 6th grade science camp I was in charge of. He told me that I had no right to send him home. Wrong! I’d already called his wife and she was on her way to get him. Boy oh boy, did that turn the neighborhood upside down! The damn queer teacher sent a Bishop packing!

  18. Joshua P says

    @Michael W. I about peed my pants. Thanks for bringing back fond memories of a life long lost.

  19. CVP says

    Please remind me again why people uphold this organization? It looks like a cult for redneck, fat-assed, drunken offspring of incestuous couplings.

  20. Mike says

    @ENDORA No, this is worse, MUCH worse! The nose of the Great Sphinx of Giza was shot off by a few idiot soldiers wanting a target who fired a cannon at it. It was also damaged by religious groups desecrating the Gods of EVEN earlier religious groups. It was built in approximately 2500 BC by the pharaoh Khafra. In contrast what the LDS Boy Scouts leaders did was NOT to destroy something just a few thousand years old but to destroy some unique and priceless rock formations under the protection of the United States government that were an estimated TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD!!! People come from all over the world to see them and serious scientists have been studying them for years. Now it has all been wiped out in a few seconds by incredibly stupid d*ckheads who the Mormon church taught that at tops the entire earth was only six thousand years old! Sure, the fat LDS slobs that did this were INCIDENTALLY at fault for this crime and even filmed the imbecilic act, but the PRIMARILY responsible party is the Mormon church who is not only culpable but TOTALLY at blame for this felony and should be held financially accountable for MILLIONS . . .

  21. Mark says

    @PeteP No, Mormons tend to be heavier than average.

    It might have something to do with one of their guidebooks for youth that advises eating a sandwich when one feels the urge to masturbate.

    (I wish I were making that up, but it exists.)

  22. MArk says

    In any other country they would face serious charges, but since they’re white trash in american soil nothing will happen

  23. anon says

    I’m not sure there’s a law against moving rocks at state parks. I imagine they’ll dream up some law to charge them with ham-sandwich-style, but the boy scouts can probably assist in putting the rocks back up if necessary. This is a case of shame over law.

  24. I wont grow up says

    Okay, so it’s alright for these morons to be shaping the minds of our future leaders, but not okay for a gay man or woman to be a scout leader…now I understand completely.

  25. Chuck Mielke says

    A true demonstration of macho bravura in all of it’s stupid, self-justifying vanity. These guys are, obviously, hyped on testosterone and mention “safety” only to rationalize their foolishness.

    That said as my initial response, I’ll follow up with this: humans are, indeed, a force of nature not unlike wind, water, or sunlight. We have always had, and will always have, an impact on our environment for better and for worse. This willful act of destruction is despicable only because, as a people, we’d set aside this area as one to be left as nearly pristine as possible for the enjoyment of all visitors. No one, now, will walk past that stone and say, “Wow! Look how it’s balanced on such a tiny stand! And it’s been this way for how many millions of years?” Now they’ll just see another big rock lying on the ground.

  26. db says

    Endora, actually it is kind of like they chopped off a piece of the Sphinx. It’s a 200 million year old rock formation. Did you not get that?