Boy Scout Leaders Destroy 200 Million-Year-Old Rock Formation in Utah State Park: VIDEO


A group of Boy Scout leaders is facing potential felony charges for destroying a 200-million-year-old rock formation in Goblin Valley State Park, the Salt Lake Tribune reports:

In the video, posted on Facebook, one man can be seen leveraging himself against a nearby rock and pushing a formation over.

"Some little kid was about ready to walk down here and die and Glenn saved his life by getting the boulder out of the way," the cameraman is heard saying. "So it’s all about saving lives here at Goblin Valley."

After the rock falls, the three men laugh, cheer and high five each other.

"We have now modified Goblin Valley!"

Watch the disgusting video, AFTER THE JUMP...

Said park spokesman Eugene Swalberg to the paper: "It is not only wrong, but there will be consequences. This is highly, highly inappropriate. This is not what you do at state parks. It’s disturbing and upsetting."