1. Lucca says

    First one is rather awful; what a horrible example this father is setting for his sons on how to treat someone who is having a bad day – let alone their sister. Second one is rather awesome; a father who is clearly moved by his son’s achievement.

    And in the first one…wtfc if you think he is hot or not; he’s an awful role model…and that makes him un-hot.

  2. Mike Ryan says

    With 5 brothers and 1 sister of whom not a one got better than a full record of Ds and Cs, I was the 4.0 student, never missing a day of Junior High and High School and lost out as Valedictorian to my best friend (Captain of the Cheerleaders, I was school Mascot) – and not once did my Dad ever react the way this kid’s Dad reacts. I might get a “Well that’s good son…” but never a hug, joy and/or tears. Its a great Dad who can be overwhelmed by what his own son has achieved.

    As for the other guy, yeah I thought he was hot, especially when he adjusted his crotch, but I thought his antics were very poor parenting. Kids remember those kinds of things for a very long time.

  3. Eric says

    On the first one, this was on Reddit a few days ago, and many people said that their fathers had done this to them, or a variation, and they learned that throwing tantrums weren’t productive, so they stopped throwing tantrums.

    On the second, I’m all for the father sharing the joy with his son. I would be careful telling that him that he’s “set for life” because he passed maths though.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    I’m not sure the little girl thought her Gay dad was all that entertaining. And the Dad that “cried” well folks a fake is easy to spot. Talk about set up and flawless execution. The interwebs are bringing out all the actors now that it’s instant notoriety.

  5. Markt says

    I like these examples. they are far better than most that are out there and a universe beyond the parenting I experienced. Maybe you tube has a useful purpose.

  6. Jay says

    As someone whose parents participated in the tantrums, fighting back and forth until it turned physical, I can say that I think the first father is handling this a lot better than many parents. He’s clearly showing that throwing tantrums gets you nowhere and that it’s utterly ridiculous, so no, I see nothing “terrible” about it. You queens need to get your panties out of a wad. If anything, one could question why the little girl was ever allowed to get away with throwing tantrums in the first place, but I’m sure we all can attest to the fact that kids are not mere products of their parents’ parenting.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I agree, Jay. Parents aren’t perfect and most of us have some sort of scars from our parents. All things considered, I’d take *scars* from a family laughing together any day.

  8. stranded says

    Oh Andy, don’t tell me you picked the first video because you found the dad to be “rather hot”. Perhaps if he spent less time drinking protein shakes and bulking up, and more time developing his parenting skills instead, he would realize that acting like a real life version of Peter Griffin is not going to help his daughter in the long run.

  9. leprechaunvict says

    The first Dad was great, I’m all for letting kids know in no uncertain terms that tantrums are pointless– it’s one case where parents SHOULD ridicule their kids. And yes, he’s hot.

    The second one was quite sweet.

  10. emjayay says

    Yes Michael. It’s odd that the best of the best gay site ever always gets some clueless or oddly negative comments. And I totally agree with those who thought Dad #1 was OK. He’s showing the other kid that you can have a sense of humor about life, and that tantrums are normal but aren’t to be treated as serious but just childish acting out.

    And while Dad #2 seems to be overreacting, we don’t know what the report is or what the history is. Or if that kid has not quite overcome a stuttering problem. Or anything.

  11. Betty Treacle says

    I couldn’t cope with having gay dad 2. All that bawling and drama and over-reaction just for getting a good grade. He even said “Set for life now”. It’s a grade for chrissakes. Imagine what he’d do if the kid broke his leg or something. And I love how he turned the moment into something about HIM rather than the kid. Sorry, but this cheap King Candy imitation might know how to provide nice interior décor but really – kids need stability and a role model who can teach them how to be stoic.

    Gay Dad 1 needs to be with me.

  12. L Goethe says

    Why can NOT accept true love without guessing about which they have no idea! Love is LOVE and fun is FUN! live with it, cynics, or go onward miserable

  13. Moz's says

    the 1st 1 seems the 1 of 2 best ways to deal with a tantrum ( the other is ignoring the child till they calm down)…..either or will teach the child to better relate and interact with people as she grows up

    any kind of reward if even just sitting down beside her (with her screams one can imagine she was thrashing around as well) to “try” to calm her is only reinforcing the behavior. It gives her positive attention for a negative action

  14. DannyEastVillage says

    I love the first dad showing how ridiculous a temper tantrum looks – and is. I think it has a good chance of making exactly the right impression, so that the kid will think twice before behaving that way in the future.

    As to the second dad, just pure wonderful.

  15. DannyEastVillage says

    I think if you’re able to lip-sync your kid’s temper tantrums – word for word, gesture for gesture – then it shows the kid is definitely getting attention, but that whatever has been used to address the tantrums to date hasn’t worked. Exposing their absurdity may just do the trick.

  16. Yeek says

    Dad #1 is teaching a lesson that many gay men need to learn: diva-drama and meltdowns deserve to be lightheartedly mocked as a self-indulgent vice. Good parents balance supporting their kids with painfully challenging their ugly behaviors while they are still young enough to change them. Sitting down and talking about a tantrum gives it legitimacy and attention that it doesn’t deserve. Nothing teaches a lesson like ridicule.

  17. woodroad34 says

    I think “Hot Dad” did the right thing. He (AND his wife, btw) had been putting up with the little 6-year-old brat for an hour before doing this video. That little girl, is old enough to know what she’s doing is manipulative and not right; she’s not going to be traumatized when she grows up…she’s too strong-willed. To indulge her will turn her into this:

  18. RexT says

    Both stories have ‘background’ – and clearly there is a great deal close relationship. I’d bet Dad 1 and his daughter have a very close and positive relationship – and loads of laughter on a regular basis.

  19. Robert says

    …a bad day is NOT throwing a tantrum for an hour…dad #1 hot or not (who cares) -but he is hot, is not being a bad parent…get over it…in the old days, and I date myself, you would just get a spanking – we’ve come a long way!

  20. Robert says

    What makes anyone assume these are gay dads?
    They’re dads. In fact, I think I heard a mention of “Mom” in the first one.
    But as a dad (in this case, a gay one) it’s nice to see the wide variety of parenting styles. One thing I know, it’s not what you do or don’t do, it’s how much love you give.

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