1. HadenoughBS says

    This is a sad, sad bunch of fundamentalists who don’t seem to know if they’re coming or going. I’ve no sympathy for them, however. Either they’re gay, bi or straight. There’s no “ex” to it. So, if they claim they’re “ex-gay/lesbian” then they’re either bi or straight. End of story. They need to deal with themselves and get on with life. Stop blaming us for not recognizing their so-called “ex-ness”. There’re no awards for no longer claiming to be gay or lesbian. There’s just the rest of your life. Enjoy it and all the equality rights bestowed upon you by the federal and your respective state governments and leave mine alone!

  2. JennyO says

    exgay; “I promise I won’t suck cock even though I really, really, really want to…and probably will anyway while Jesus isn’t looking.”

    15 people?


  3. Adam says

    At least these guys have the balls to stand up to the dominant gay culture, which insists upon promoting a culture that fawns over talentless young women who don’t support us. Some of us are sick of this atmosphere and would rather create a community more closely related with our own values.

  4. Randy says

    After you subtract the entertainers, speakers, organizers, comps for the parents and the FRC, you probably have just 10 paid attendees.

    Even at 60 people, that’s only eight tables! And they couldn’t fill every seat at that. Dinner at a hotel for 60 would easily cost $10,000. Entertainment and set up probably another $10,000 at least, unless everyone was doing it for free. Did they serve alcohol? probably not, since they are so religious, but if they did, that’s another $5000. The whole event probably cost about $30,000. Of course, the centerpieces could not have been flowers — too gay for this crowd.

    If they charged $80 per head, the max they could have taken in $4000, but with all the comps it would be much less.

    They lost a ton of money on this, which is great. I just hope the hotel got a big deposit, because you know they’ll get stiffed.otherwise.

  5. JMC says

    Adam is right, clearly it’s the gays and their pop stars that are creating the toxic environment that makes these pathetic people live a sad life of denial. I know every time Katy Perry comes on the radio I’m filled with rage and a burning urge to pray the gay away.

  6. john patrick says

    Rise up. Embrace your sad, lonely destiny. Believe your fantasy dreams. The singer is with you. See him looking at you, with his stern, unhappy face.

    Wow! 15 people showed up to lobby their drunken Congress members during the government shut-down debacle. 60 people showed up to dinner. What a sad, pitiful cluster of people.

  7. Adam says

    Exactly, JMC. I’m sick of gay culture and pop stars and women who promote bisexuality because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to come on here every day and complain about the same things. Do you know what would happen if I was no longer able to complain about pop stars and Madonna? I’d have to look in the mirror and realize that I’ve wasted my entire life. I’d love to join PFOX but my friends and family don’t actually love me, there should be an ex-gay group for those of us who hate being gay all by ourselves.

  8. JJJJJJ says

    To be fair, this song isn’t much worse than some of the gay indie artist’s work that get posted here (the horrible content of the song aside).

  9. jomicur says

    Every time my boyfriend and I get together, we “rise up” (if you get my drift. And it’s very satisfying.

  10. Chazwm says

    Hey…it would be fun to hear and see what Madge, Katy and La GaGa would do with the song. Kinda reminds me of a “Pippin” anthem as it is. Needs some juice, a flash of sinew, some hot choreography….and, of course, a mob of adoring concert fans…

  11. Hey Darlin' says

    Well there’s a difference in holding an event scheduled for 60 and how many actually showed up. Anyone could hold an ex-gay reception for 1,300,000, that doesn’t mean any showed up at all, or would ever want to. It just means someone paid for a completely unnecessary reception.

    Tens showed up – happens more and more. Even the loons aren’t as loony as they used to be.

  12. J. Alan says

    “I know what you are looking at Mary, and Jesus does too!” ~Mandy Moore from the movie Saved!

  13. says

    Dennis Jernigan is a poster child for how messed up Ex-gays can be. He’s got 9 children, so the dude is seriously overcompensating. You can ejaculate dozens of times in your wifes vagina, Denny boy, but that won’t get rid of your craving for d*ck.

  14. GH says

    Let me get this right. There is straight hate of gays, gay hate of straights, gay hate of ex-gays, and ex-gays hate of gays–but they all crave d*ck.

  15. EchtKultig says

    I think in a case like this where a kook has posted a video with no ratings and comments allowed, it’s best not to link to it at all. Or at least link to a copycat version that does allow comments – otherwise you are just giving them page views.

  16. Todd says

    Did anyone else notice the name PFOX? It’s like if FOX news had a public access channel it would be named PFOX. I smell a FOX new conspiracy.

  17. parkrunner says

    Speaking of closets, dude should have raided Joan Crawford’s for a pair of shoulder pads.

  18. Chris says

    It’s so vague. It could be interpreted as a call to come out of the closet and live your life openly as a gay man.

  19. Matt says

    Dude is an excellent singer, let’s give him his due.

    Imagine what he could do if he wasn’t working against himself. Oh well, we all have to follow our own path, I don’t begrudge these people their celibate lives, but I would just appreciate if they wouldn’t begrudge us our regular lives. That is apparently too much to ask from them. It must be exhausting to be so obsessed with the sex lives of other people.

  20. Marc says

    I think the song is actually quite beautiful and could actually be used by the gay right’s movement. Maybe one day when some of these so-called, self-identified “ex-gays” realize who they are (gay) they’ll use this same song to empower them. One could only hope.

    To happiness.

  21. D.R.H. says

    Right… because the first thing a straight man does to proclaim his masculinity is sit in front of the piano and sing.