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Gay Male Florida Student Denied Laptop Rental After Librarian Says He's a Woman: VIDEO


Abdul Asquith, a senior at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton, Florida, has come forward about a painful and uncomfortable incident he says occurred recently at his school's library. As The Gaily Grind points out, Asquith says he tried to check out a laptop to study for his communications class but an FAU librarian denied his request because she thought Asquith was a woman and the ID card he presented depicted a man:

"She looked at the ID and looked down at it. She said, ‘You sound, look and act like a girl and in this ID is a man, therefore I’m not giving you a laptop,’” said Asquith.

Asquith said he was wearing an FAU hoodie, shorts and had his long hair pulled back.

He says he finally was able to rent a laptop after going through three librarians. FAU has not issued an apology and would not return WPTV’s request for a comment as of this writing.

Samantha Lemessy, Asquith's friend who also witnessed the alleged incident, told WPTV, "Because he acts a certain way, he can't possibly be this? It shouldn't even be like that." The librarian in question did not wish to comment on the incident.

You can watch a report from WPTV on the event which includes an interview with Asquith AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. The Librarian should be fired without hesitation. The school owes this young man an apology. Had he sued for discrimination the school could be on the hook for much more money than a laptop costs. If it were me, I'd sue their butts off and get my college education paid for.

    Posted by: Mike Ryan | Oct 26, 2013 3:39:05 PM

  2. Thanks to Abdul Asquith for speaking out.

    Posted by: Jay | Oct 26, 2013 3:42:32 PM

  3. @Mike: 100% agreed. It's as if Florida exists solely to generate appalling stories (see: George Zimmerman).

    Posted by: CC | Oct 26, 2013 3:46:04 PM

  4. As long as he resembled the person in the ID's picture, he should have been given a laptop. This is ridiculous.

    Posted by: Kevin | Oct 26, 2013 3:53:14 PM

  5. It's always the South...

    Posted by: Steve | Oct 26, 2013 4:03:43 PM

  6. I'm sure the librarian's a crischun in addition to being a s**t-a**.

    @Steve - no it ISN'T always the South.

    Posted by: Daniel Berry, NYC | Oct 26, 2013 4:08:24 PM

  7. he's a very pretty kid. I bet the librarian was jealous because he was prettier than she was.

    Posted by: Daniel Berry, NYC | Oct 26, 2013 4:11:32 PM

  8. At least Florida is progressing. Here in rural SW Virginia, they wouldn't have served him due to his race.

    Posted by: NotSafeForWork | Oct 26, 2013 4:13:09 PM

  9. And why is she upset? If "he" sounds, looks and acts like a girl he should expect people to think of him as a girl.

    Posted by: litper | Oct 26, 2013 4:36:21 PM

  10. Hey, Lipterick, what's your problem? you think all gay guys should be like you?

    Posted by: Daniel Berry, NYC | Oct 26, 2013 4:39:30 PM

  11. He looks like a girl. That's what I thought wh I saw the pic before i started reading the article.

    Posted by: Perry | Oct 26, 2013 4:41:55 PM

  12. Hey Litper. I guess the point flew way over your head. Do you EXPECT people to think of you as an idiot? It's discrimination, pure and simple. If I'd of been him, I would have pulled my big d_ck out, flopped it on the counter, and asked if she needed any more proof.

    Posted by: stpetegreg | Oct 26, 2013 4:52:05 PM

  13. @Litper: What should it matter? So girls shouldn't be allowed to use laptops?
    One thing I notice is that the news reporters don't seem to understand the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity.
    Tge reporters kept referring to "him" as "gay" and referred to that as the reason he didn't get the laptop.
    While it's unclear to me whether the student identifies as eitger gay OR as male (or if saying so was just lazy reporting by someone who didn't ask), the denial was based on the librarian's perception that the pic was of a male and the student was female. This does not mean necessarily that the librarian would have any issue giving a laptop to a feminine gay woman or a masculine gay man (or possibly even to a straight trans person whose sex in her mind matches in the picture and in person.

    The report should probably be about students, having the right to their own choices in their daily appearance to look more masculine or more feminine.
    Saying the student was denied a laptop "for being gay" makes it sound like the reporters got their sex education from Jerry Springer (which, in Florida, could be true).

    Posted by: GregV | Oct 26, 2013 4:59:02 PM

  14. I certainly would not have thought him a female. And if he looked like his ID, what difference would it make? The librarian needs to get another job where all she needs to do is say "Do you want fries with that?" Other stuff is too complicated for her.

    Posted by: Joel | Oct 26, 2013 5:02:44 PM

  15. @Daniel. Gay men = men attracted to MEN(!), not limp-wristed lisping genderless things

    Posted by: litper | Oct 26, 2013 5:07:39 PM

  16. Litper...good choice of words for an ignorant breeder. If your not "that"...you have no excuse!

    Posted by: PAUL B. | Oct 26, 2013 5:20:04 PM

  17. We see again and again how small people, with what they perceive as a bit of power, wildly overplay their hands to make life miserable for those they don't like. I agree with Mike Ryan that this librarian should be fired, and with Daniel Berry in finding this kid attractive. And "Abdul Asquith" is a terrific name.

    Posted by: Aunt Sharon | Oct 26, 2013 5:28:47 PM

  18. @Paul, no, I'm serious... would you date THIS? And if I wanted to date a chick, I'd date a chick.

    Posted by: litper | Oct 26, 2013 5:31:35 PM

  19. Lipter, you come across as one huge nelly queen.

    I'm mostly gay and am proud I don't put boundaries on who I find attractive. In the past year I've made out with girls, drag queens, trannies and the occasional guy.

    It's always the guy who feels the need to profess how "manly" he is is the guy everyone can spot for being gay 10 miles away.

    Posted by: Michael | Oct 26, 2013 6:46:22 PM

  20. @Michael, excuse us gay guys for having natural "boundaries" on who we find attractive. Now go shag a horse, that should make you feel even more proud!

    Posted by: litper | Oct 26, 2013 7:05:12 PM

  21. @Steve: Do you like it when people stereotype you for being gay? Perhaps it's time to stop stereotyping entire states or regions.

    Horrible stories found on Towleroad:
    - Gay Couple Beaten in Pittsburgh (10/7/13)
    - Man Beaten in Brooklyn Hate Crime (10/2/13)
    - NYC Man Stabbed in Anti-Gay Attack (9/17/13)
    - Denver Man Beaten in Anti-Gay Attack (9/4/13)
    - Gay Man Beaten Outside Cleveland Bar (9/3/13)
    - Gay Man Beaten in Seattle (8/5/13)
    - Four Facing Hate Crime Charges in Long Island (7/23/13)

    Hate, homophobia, and violence seem to be happening just as often (if not more) in other parts of the country. I think it's time to adjust your preconceived notions of the South.

    Posted by: alex | Oct 26, 2013 7:15:35 PM

  22. Can't wait until the librarian is trotted out on Fox News to cry about how the gays infringed on her "right" to be a bigot, while one of Roger Ailes' interchangeable blonde bobbleheads praises the woman for her "bravery" as if she was Rosa F*ck*ng Parks.

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Oct 26, 2013 8:04:31 PM

  23. Litper = human filth. You need help Litper, a lot of it.

    Posted by: ArkArk | Oct 26, 2013 9:48:15 PM

  24. I don't see the problem here. If someone tries their best to imitate the opposite sex shouldn't they be flattered when it is successful?

    Posted by: patrick | Oct 26, 2013 10:05:57 PM

  25. Dear Mr Towle: This site needs a new commenting system. Other sites, even YouTube, have ways of voting down commenters or tagging them. And moderators ban commenters who continualy detract from the conversation. And some moderators (like John Aravosis at AmericaBlog/Gay) chime in and refute jerks or just join in the discussion.

    This is the best gay oriented site on the internet, but the discussions have been routinely ruined by certain commenters lately.

    Like Litper.

    Posted by: emjayay | Oct 26, 2013 11:51:46 PM

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