1. Mike says

    Is it just me, or does it look like some sort of mechanical headless horse? Whatever it is, it seems definitely designed to carry a man another robot either armed or unarmed.

  2. Mike says

    Ugh, with the military involved you KNOW that it is going to be armed. That alone is a sad commentary on humanity . . .

  3. Chris K says

    An astounding piece of technology completely wasted in the hands of a blood-hungry, inhumane industry. As Mike commented; a sad commentary on humanity.

  4. David From Canada says

    I’ve got an idea. They should have Wildcat gallop to Washington, round up all the politicians, and end the government shutdown.
    Hi-Yo Wildcat……!!!!

  5. BZ says

    Leonardo diVinci would have been delighted. Not only did he love the motion of horses, most of his patrons hired him (initially) for his genius in designing new war machines: the tank, the submarine, the airplane, the helicopter, the pontoon bridge, and the bicycle were all conceived by him, although the technology wasn’t advanced enough to pull them off in his day. This robot would have fascinated him.

  6. Moz's says

    nowhere near as graceful or quiet as a cat

    the name should be something like non graceful mechanical horse that sounds like a wee wacker

  7. Mike says

    Excellent BZ! But Leonardo diVinci loved peace and hated war! Part of his genius was that he designed his incredible war machines with an ulterior motive. He KNEW that they were FAR too advanced to be built at the time. However, they they did get him the access to necessary patrons. Then he concluded his proposals and drawings, with the modest words “I also paint.”

  8. says

    Hopefully, this can used to keep illegal Mexicans from crossing the border. It would be great to have a few thousand of these on the border keeping them out. They could chase them all night and never get tired lol!

  9. Kiwi's Stalker says

    I’ve had a really rough weekend since nobody is my friend and nobody ever pays attention to me so I’m gonna post my usual racist anti-gay Mexican nonsense under Kiwi’s name. Why? Because I need a distraction from the worthless life I’m barely living.

  10. FFS says

    1 out of 6 American citizens can’t afford to feed themselves with regularity, but by all means . . . lets spend our tax dollars to build mechanical donkeys.

  11. j says

    how much money for this?
    this is where the us spends its money
    gross, sad and infuriating
    how about free higher education for anyone who wants it and
    universal pre- K and
    fully fund public pensions or
    add 500 to every social security check and lower the age of retirement to 62
    but no –
    the masters of war and their paymasters have achieved perpetual war for perpetual peace
    and we’re supposedly broke
    well at least whitey’s on the moon

  12. RayJacksonMS says

    Fox ran a story on these a year or two ago (I like to know what the enemy is up to) but the ones they showed were as big as horses but they are designed to carry equipment. I don’t remember that one sounding like a lawnmower on meth though.

  13. Tristram says

    Given the effectiveness of 20 dollar military drones, to me it looks like a modern day Maginot Line.