1. woodroad34 says

    I..I…I just don’t understand this self-involved individual. He seems like everyone has to live on his planet or he won’t socialize–he’s very christofacist and kind of a boor. I think I tried to listen to his music awhile back and found it dilettantish and morose.

  2. Distingue Traces says

    The “face like a cat’s ass” is not Morrissey himself but the (wonderful, and very handsome when not mugging) comedian Peter Serafinowicz.

    I love Morrissey so much. I AM SO SHOCKED BY YOUR MEAT-EATING WAYS THAT I SHALL STORM OUT OF THIS RESTAURANT … but I will still let you blow me once you’ve been sufficiently reminded of my moral superiority.

  3. mike128 says

    I have loved Morrissey, but the more excerpts from this book I read, the more I start to think he is just a horrible person. He seems to hate everyone, and to be so convinced he is superior… no wonder he was seemingly so unhappy.

  4. Knock says

    Imagine if omnivores protested the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. When was the last time a vegetarian or vegan expected you to adapt to their diet, but refused to do the same for you?

  5. stevetalbert says

    My God! Will there be nothing left to eat but rocks and gravel!!?

    Oh, wait. There’s ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. So much for trying to avoid spirit.

  6. Jack M says

    He can believe whatever he wants, but there’s no need to be a drama queen about it. Didn’t Moz know he was in a restaurant that served meat? If so, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  7. Fenrox says

    Oh man, I would have loved to been on that date. Morrissey would be a great guy to argue with. Hate his music though. Always thought he and Trent Reznor should have hooked up in music and life.

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