1. Jack M says

    This is the script from the GOP and few of them will deviate from it. The bottom line is that it’s President bashing. Rep. Ellmers is just a parrot with a haircut.

  2. NYCER says

    What success?

    Has anyone watched the news this week?

    The rollout has been a NIGHTMARE so far.

    Oh, and you know that website that isn’t even working? That cost $300 million of our tax dollars.

    I’m normally an Obama supporter, but I’m also a supporter of common sense and not wasting taxpayers’ money. They need to fix this situation ASAP.

  3. DavidR says

    When a website crashes, in part, because it’s too popular, we call that a success.

    The Republicans have NOTHING to offer except gifts to the wealthy and pain for the rest. And, btw, this whole Obamacare thing was created by the Heritage Foundation and successfully “Beta-tested” by Romney.

  4. Kev C says

    Obamacare is a major failure. No amount of delusional propaganda is going to change the fact that the majority of Americans are against it. Even the most optimistic polls show they are against it. And it isn’t affordable .. nor healthcare.

  5. disgusted american says

    soo Kev C – whats your answer then? The Usual GOP BS? Die and DIE quickly!!!! Medical bills bankrupt you – awe too bad then…..enjoy the concrete pillow of homelessness..yep, thats the GOP plan! Is ACA perfect…Hell Noooooooo, but its a start!

  6. Mike says

    In the “grand scheme of things” Renee Ellmers other repubs are a “great failure” to all Americans and NOT just their constituents who deserve far better.

  7. first time caller says

    She was the same Congresswoman shamed into deferring her paycheck during the shutdown because she “needed it.” Even though her husband owns his own surgical practice. In her letter to HR she claimed she was unaware others would not be getting a paycheck during the shutdown, thus she is deferring hers.

  8. Sam says

    “When a website crashes, in part, because it’s too popular, we call that a success.”

    Sadly that is the mentality of many people in this country, especially govt employees. Do you work at the DMV, David?

    It’s not a success when NO ONE CAN SIGN UP.

    And taxpayers paid $300,000,000 for a website that doesn’t work.

  9. Check your facts says

    You know what? Those who HAVE insurance? I DON’T CARE what you think about the Affordable Care Act . And you know what else? I didn’t want us to go to Iraq or Afghanistan…BUT WE DID because that’s what a democracy is. This talking head? This woman? Think because her husband is a doc that she has a bias? Come on.

    I think CNN had her on because they knew she was a tool. A weasel word user if there ever was one.

  10. Mike Ryan says

    What an absolute lying *itch. How on earth can the residents of New Jersey support such blatant outright bigotry, lies and misinformation coming from this or any elected official. NJ residents should toss this liar out on her can today.

  11. Paul B. says

    Yes, lot’s of annoying glitches on the website. I can live with that because my Kaiser Permanente plan, which I’ve had for 30 years, has gone from $98. month to $1,120. per month. I’m 62 husband is 61 and together we’re paying $2,150. per month for the same exact plan we signed onto 30 years ago for $98.each. According to California Care’s website…that will drop to $376. for the two of us…total.
    And…it’s slightly better coverage…still with Kaiser Permanente though. If anyone bad-mouths the ACA to me…I say “shut up” !

  12. PAUL B. says

    My boyfriend & I signed up with Kaiser Permanente 30 years @ $98. ea. for a great plan. Now…he’s 61…me 62…same Kaiser Plan is $2,150. per month for the two of us. We’ve been together 30 years next August and our health plan is making us both sick. So, along comes ACA…we have a new Kaiser plan in January…$476. monthly…for both of us.
    Same basic plan. So, Kev…you’re full of $hit!

  13. Amicus says

    Truth be told….PHARMA and the big HMOs don’t want the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare to work because it will lower prescription drug prices and curb the skyrocketing cost of health care, which these HMO’s and drug companies have been living large off of for decades. Renee Ellmers is not to be trusted and is one of the ‘entitled’ profiting from her husband’s business in healthcare. Ellmers is a hypocrite and liar and will likely not be reelected after her behavior on the government shutdown.

  14. NY2.0 says

    The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare is getting more popular by the day because people are seeing the benefits as time goes on and that scares the hell out of Republicans. It’s hard to disprove reality with a straight face which is why we’re seeing “talking points” idiots like Ellmers show up.

    They want nothing Obama does for America to be successful.

  15. GLAW2014 says

    Kev C is an idiot…you think a website that crashed because sooo many people went onto it that cost American Taxpayers 300 million dollars is worst than the 24 BILLION dollars lost fighting the implementation of the Affordable Care Act??? You GayTeas are riDICKulous!!

  16. LincolnLounger says

    Good God, only the Hallelujah Chorus could call this a “success”.

    It speaks volumes when they won’t release the numbers. More than $300K spent on a website that isn’t marred by “glitches” or “kinks” due to “volume” — instead, it’s fundamentally providing wrong information.

    And if this is some conservative “conspiracy”, I’d invite anyone to see Jon Stewart’s clips on this issue. When Jon Stewart turns on the Democrats, suddenly the President needs a tech “surge!”

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