1. Mr. Smith says

    Well – if you believe the hype – I guess a straight man’s desire to not be beaten by a gay man is stronger than a gay man’s desire to prove himself.

  2. Mike says

    Not at all surprised that Cruz’s ethnicity and preference brings out the ugly comments…little kiwi especially…congrats all on being the Bull Connors of this generation.

  3. George F says

    That’s so sad! I really wanted him to win.
    Ah…and Puerto Ricans are much more than welfare and Mexicans much more than illegals… Sad commentary on how some people perceive some latino groups…

  4. Anthony says

    I didnt watch the fight but I followed it on 2 sites where they provided written live recaps and I followed Twitter. Two things I read over and ocer worth mentioning: Salido was warned over and over about low blows on the first 4 rounds, yet the judges still gave him victory in 3 of them. Makes no sense. In the middle Iof the fight anaudible contingent of the audience chanted ” puto, puto, puto”… So wrong…

  5. Bill W says


    Take your traveling bigot show somewhere else. We know what you Con-pigs are up to…trying to create your next ‘Legal victim’ to harrass for the next twenty years.

    And Fortunately, the rest of us LGBs will be there to support our trans bros and sisters and see to it that you Con-pigs continue to become irrelevant and are kicked to the curb from political life in America.

    You see, Con-Pig…it’s what happens when you play out all your bigot cards and look for a new deck; Everyone’s already seen your best hand!

  6. Caliban says

    Cruz’s loss isn’t unexpected. Salido is several inches taller and a few pounds heavier, with a longer reach. In the featherweight division that can make a huge difference.

    Still, getting to the title bout was an achievement in itself for Cruz and he has nothing to be ashamed of. Some of the comments here however….the authors should be ashamed.

  7. bandanajack says

    cruz gave as good as he got for 7 round with a former champion. from what i heard he boxed well, but he couldn’t put a hurt on his opponent.

    as far as i’m concerned, he can go home and marry his man, and shop out his banging body for underwear commercials. enjoy the good life, orlando.

  8. Henry Holland says

    “the rest of us LGBs will be there to support our trans bros and sisters”

    You’re really naive if you think “the rest of us” will do any such thing. Just sayin’. For the record, yes, I support TQIA and the rest of the absurd alphabet soup that gets attached to GLB, but it’s time to stop the idea that everyone thinks the same.

  9. Jersey says

    Making it through 7 rounds sounds good to me, from what I heard Cruz was a long shot to win because Salido is bigger and has a longer reach. I’m impressed.

    Whoever posts as fake Little Kiwi, how about you grow up already. Jeez you’re a moron.

  10. jamal49 says

    @HG At least he was doing it. He fights, he trains, he puts it out there for all to see.

    You, on other hand, well, never mind….

    People here are kind and generous (mostly) and get it that Orlando Cruz was courageous to come out and then fight for a championship regardless of what people might say.

    THAT is a victory. For everybody, gay or straight.

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