Paul Feig Wants Channing Tatum For Gay Romantic Comedy

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Bridesmaids director Paul Feig revealed his top casting choice for a gay romantic idea he has in development: the sexiest man alive, Channing Tatum.

The biggest news Feig dropped between courses was that he is in development on a romantic comedy in which he'd like Tatum to star, which he expects will turn the genre on its head (worth noting– Tatum's reps have emphasized that Feig's enthusiasm does not mean anything is actually happening yet. So this is mainly wishing and hoping at this point). But before you start pondering which pretty starlet with share space on its poster, let me tell you it's a gay rom-com. It's premise is that a normal schmo gets involved with someone as crazy hot as the Sexiest Man of The Year, and basically can’t cope.

Tatum isn't officially involved in the project, but he sounds like the perfect choice. So who does Feig see envision playing opposite Tatum? New SNL member John Milhiser.


  1. Lymis says

    I agree, the only reason this would “turn the genre on its head” is the idea of a straight man playing the gay role(s).

    It’s not like there haven’t been plenty of gay rom-coms starring gay men. It’s that it’s not (or at least hasn’t been) something that can be marketed to straight audiences as an event.

    Brokeback Mountain was absolutely brilliant, but I can’t help but feel that if both leads had been out gay men, it would have been a big hit at film festivals and a minor bright light in gay DVD sales.

    At least as much attention is given (Robin Williams in the Birdcage) about how believably gay a straight actor can be, and of course, all the “what was it like to have the love scene? Did you need a bucket to vomit into, or just a barf bag?” interviews.

    On top of everything else, a rom-com role would require Channing Tatum to actually talk on screen. Not his strong suit.

  2. Will says

    Channing simply can’t act.

    He’s had many opportunities and failed. They use him in films because of his looks. He looks good in print, but the second he starts talking it’s over.

    Bad choice.

  3. Joseph says

    Oh, please. Of course Channing Tatum can act; anybody CAN act. It’s just that Channing doesn’t have much range as an actor. He’s done rom-coms before, so this WOULD be within his range and I think he would be perfect for this role. I hope this movie actually happens.

  4. EchtKultig says

    Please no, not Channing Tatum.

    Posted by: lankyguy

    Agree, completely. He is so overrated, both in the looks department and with respect to his his acting skills.

  5. stranded says

    He wouldn’t go for it. Feig is better off offering that part to Tom Cruise.

    Tatum knows he’s fooled around with guys during his stripper days. Of course he wisely omitted that detail from Magic Mike, but no male stripper can make money off of single women. He knows it, and we know it too.

    I actually find pretty funny that Feig would say this, and I’m guessing he knows something we don’t.

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