1. Francis #1 says

    Oh boy. And Texas, too? You’re going to start seeing more and more of this. The moderates, the sane folk of the party are being driven out of the Republican party. Independents increasingly identify more with Democrats. Americans in general, including Republicans, are becoming more liberal on social issues. Republicans are driving themselves into irrelevancy.

    Good on you Judge Key. Hope you win your election!

  2. Geoff says

    Goodbye GOP!!! Can’t say anything positive about you at all. You will be remembered as a black mark on American history – the party of ignorance and hate.

  3. Akrontru says

    Well, glad the judge made his way out. However, Nixon’s ‘southern strategy’ was whipping out the hate in the 70’s–probably too early for the young judge to have noticed. How could he not have known about Lee Atwater’s Republican campaigns trading on racism in the 80’s? This guy is a modern Saul on the road to Damascus.

  4. MrRoboto says

    Very impressed that he did this. Hopefully it won’t cost him reelection. It seems like a helluva lot of those Texan voters support what he cites as his reason for leaving.

  5. Bart says

    I wonder how this will play in Texas. I applaud him, standing up for principles and calling out those who don’t.

    I would love to see more and more people in these positions speak up. But I imagine that too many of them are ideologues rather than judges too (Scalia, anyone…) Especially in a state like Texas where ideology now passes for reality.

  6. seamus says

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! I was so moved by Judge Key’s line about justice and fairness. This is indeed the title of the book by the recently deceased English philosopher, John Rawls: Fairness as Justice. To think that we might have an evolving trend in our nation that would pursue fairness is truly mind boggling. Thank you, sir. May all the good forces be with you in this upcoming election.

  7. bkmn says

    This is how the Democratic party can turn Texas BLUE. Straight talk about what is wrong with the GOP from someone who used to be a part of the GOP.

    Leave the crazy behind and enter a world where you are valued.

  8. woodroad34 says

    Using Reagan’s (the GOP God) words against them. They not only took the bus that left rational conservatives behind, but also sanity, reality and this country behind. I hope that bus is soon found turned over in a ditch somewhere.

  9. ian says

    I hope his statement motivates other republicans who, like him, are appalled at the direction their party has taken to leave it. Shrinking the gop rolls is important.

  10. Matt says

    Judge Key switched parties soon after San Antonio passed an LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance. SA is a fairly blue (Democratic) city, though not as blue as cities like Dallas and Austin. I hope we see more good news like this, and I hope it signals that Texas is turning blue faster than we expected.

  11. David Bailey says

    I really believe in the 2 party system, but only if the parties are each committed to respectfully working together to resolve differences through compromises, thoughtful listening, respect, a willingness to change one’s mind. Seems as though many Republicans have abandoned those democratic principles and use misinformation, distortion, and blind selfish hateful tantrums to get their way. You are correct, the Republican Party has changed. Welcome and good luck, Judge Key.

  12. Lymis says

    “There is something very wrong when judges have a party affiliation. Electing judges is a profoundly stupid idea and almost uniquely American.”

    Since the option is having them be appointed by the party in power and not subject to reelection, given the state of things today, election and reelection is probably the lesser of two evils. The same people who brought you gerrymandering wouldn’t hesitate to stack the courts with their pals.

  13. Hey Darlin' says

    America is growing very tired of the divisive nature of politics. None of us ever fit cleanly into one party anyhow. It’s now becoming apparent that America is gaining it’s own mind when it comes to society and not being lead by it’s politicians. America has also grown weary and tired of supporting political parties only to the gain of the largest donors.

  14. Chaz says

    The US judicial system has long been discredited and completely undermined. Frankly it’s a joke that nobody is laughing at. That members of the judiciary are openly known and elected or appointed for their political leanings undermines the very fundamental principal that justice should be blind. It is shameful and appalling and completely flawed.

    A little research trip around the world will teach anyone that there are better systems and checks and balances. The judiciary must be independent and free from a largely ignorant public voting for them by whim or issue of the day. Open your eyes folks…

  15. RBearSAT says

    I applaud Judge Key for switching to the Democratic Party and stating this compelling video of reasoning for doing so. But, as with all good things in politics, there’s a back story to this.

    Judge Key became controversial this past summer when he refused to accept as evidence in DWI trials HGN field sobriety tests (those tests officers perform on you using penlights to see if you’re intoxicated). He cited the lack of scientific evidence on validity. As a result, he’s been targeted by the local police union and maybe even the DA for being “primaried,” with a PA who’s husband is a strong member of the police union as his Republican opponent.

    I don’t dispute his motives cited, but this switch also gives him about 6 months and a larger base of cover to defend his re-election bid.

  16. jamal49 says

    What goes around comes around, I guess. Back in the day, around the time of Reagan, you would see this being said among Democrats who were flocking in droves to vote Republican: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. It left me”.

    Kudos to the Judge for recognizing what one hopes that thousands, if not, millions will recognize by 2014: that the Republican Party is nothing but an American version of the National Socialists and Republicans are truly the enemy within.

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