1. Matt27 says

    I’ve wathed his pics in another web page and he is truly a hot hunk. Such a joy to watch and to enjoy the male beauty.

  2. Tom says

    Paul Boulon used to be a model himself. He’s GORGEOUS, HOT, and HUNG, and not afraid to get naked. Google him.

    If you are so inclined, there are even some short videos on pornhub…

  3. J Y says

    At first I was like “wow, a handsome, out model!” until I got to the part where he mentioned he only likes to wear underwear while modeling or dancing. Can’t he just say he’s a stripper?

  4. will says

    There’s something antiseptic and totally unerotic about such carefully posed (uncomfortable-looking) shots, a body that looks factory gym-made, and the frosted tips. It’s as much a parody of sexuality as Loni Anderson was.

  5. Frozen North says

    @Will, that’s because it’s to sell underwear. It’s not porn.

    @J Y, What the heck does going commando have to do with being a stripper. Many people don’t bother with it in their daily lives.

  6. unruly says

    @Frozen North, I think JY was referring to the part that said “wear underwear while…dancing.” Dancing was the euphemism for stripper.

  7. Sam says

    Wow! Steven is looking amazingly mature and incredibly ripped since his cutie boy toy look modeling campaign for Timoteo. Hot, hot, hot!

  8. David From Canada says

    Boulon writes of model Steven Dehler, “He shoots easily…..”
    Yes, I imagine he does, and so will others who come within his orbit.

  9. rocko says

    I find it odd that on a gay blog you have people.who are gay..or gay friendly..upset over a little eye candy?
    Apparently the ‘alternative’ lifestyle is over?
    We want to become gentrified so we completely can mingle in with the straight community? The more conservative puritanical str8 community?
    I don’t get it..aside from the gay factor..that people have lost that side of themselves..or think its base or not normal?
    Glad I’m not at that stage!

  10. jarago says

    Nice to see a model that has some meat on his body- not the usual skinny boys other sites feature.

  11. Frank says

    Gawd you queens calling this “smut”. Really? Gay life is over. Our edge is over. Lets all go get married and adopt Himalayan Whistle Babies and pretend like we’re faithful to our husbands and die of boredom.

  12. FFS says

    That’s a body I wouldn’t mind getting to know, very well.

    @Rocco & Frank: These absurd tongue-cluckers are bitter, jealous frumps who only see these pictures as a standard of beauty to which they don’t measure up.

    Take heart, fellas. With enough money, even uggos can get laid.

  13. jonvincent says

    i understand that some people find this dude attractive but to others, he is just way too w. hollywood ken doll smurf (overwaxed, over-plucked, synthetic. Kind of like a real housewife of orange county.

  14. Chris says

    People in the Weho area that know him know that this is guy a typical self absorbed, dumb as a rock pretty boy. I’d never want to associate with him, but he is nice to look at.