1. Jack M says

    It’s official – Donald Trump has multiple personalities. He seems to have a talent for shutting down his brain while his mouth is in gear.

  2. MaryM says

    OK – I’m going to give Roberts the benefit of the doubt and accept his intention that he wants to ‘make a difference’.

    But I need more detail.

    HOW specifically is he going to make a difference?

    What is he going to do to ensure that Russia and the world knows what he thinks of these homophobic laws?

    If he thinks going to Russia, recloseting himself while there, and accept a fat paycheck for the gig, then he is sorely mistaken.

    That would simply make him a selfish Uncle Tom.

  3. MrRoboto says

    We’re going to go over there and do something about it = We’re going to go over there and make MONEY. If they say ONE word against Russia’s anti-gay laws that airs in Russia, I’ll eat my words. But, sorry Thomas, going over there and just being gay doesn’t say a damn thing, especially to 99.999% of Russians who don’t know you.

  4. TampaZeke says

    I have a bigger problem with Roberts allying with Trump who JUST TOLD HIM TO HIS FACE that he still doesn’t support his marriage. How can you ally with a homophobe to challenge homophobia?

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    That actually nauseated me, in large part because of seeing someone I like and admire propping up of Donald Trump. As if Trump cares one whit about the anti-gay laws in Russia.

  6. Bart says

    By “do something about it,” Mr. Trump means exploit the fact he’s putting a gay man in danger to pump up the ratings.

    Who is he kidding? He’s going to do nothing except crow about it hoping people tune in to see if the Russian police come and arrest Robert Thomas while he’s asking a contestant what she feels about marriage equality.

  7. Jeff says

    From today’s Moscow Times:

    “As for the pageant program, organizers said it would be co-hosted by Mel B, whose full name is Melanie Brown, and U.S. television journalist Thomas Roberts. The duo will replace the host from the past two years, Andy Cohen, who bowed out this summer to protest Russia’s new law banning “homosexual propaganda” to minors.
    “The law is that anyone under suspicion of homosexuality can be arrested,” Cohen said in announcing his withdrawal on U.S. television in August. He added that he “didn’t feel right as a gay man stepping foot into Russia.”

  8. KT says

    So the Moscow Times notes that Andy Cohen, who refuses to host, is gay but fails to mention that Roberts, who sought out the gig, is gay as well. Yeah, really making a difference there Tom…

  9. Bosie says

    #donaldtrump is an idiot!!! He really thinks it is worth coming out and let folks see you’re gay…what happens once the Miss Universe is over?? they could get arrested, their children taken away…or even get killed…for what? Fck U Donal Trump and Thomas Roberts is an idiot too.

  10. says

    Trump is a bigot, but he’s smart. He’s using Thomas like a big ol’ token gay so he can claim that he isn’t supporting the anti-gay laws enforced in that country.

    What I would really like to see is the event boycotted by gay and gay ally pageant industry workers who make these shows possible — including hairdressers, stylists, designers, lighting/sound technicians, etc. I’d LOVE to see Trump’s people try to hold a successful pageant without any gay support whatsoever.

    But I know that’s wishful thinking. All those gay people aren’t going to pass up an opportunity to put this event on their resumes and collect those checks.

  11. Mick says

    Thomas Roberts is delusional and certainly not a journalist. He lost this fan and viewer. He’s a sellout and more of a trained monkey for that homophobic birther.

  12. Pitt90 says

    Beyond disappointed in Thomas for being played like this…I thought he was smarter than that. But apparently not! Either that, or he’s completely cynical and doing it for the money, ’cause he has to realize that his hosting duties will not change Trump’s mind or that of the Russian government.

  13. Francis #1 says

    Well, maybe they have a plan. I’ll remain hopeful/positive, but we all know Trump is as much of a weasel as it gets.

  14. says

    Combine “newsman” + puppet of anti-gay sleaze ball Trump + Miss Universe pageant + Putin’s Russia … Sorry, but even if Roberts shouts that he’s gay from Red Square, his decision does not speak well for his integrity. It makes him look like Trump’s and Putin’s good little gay whore. Gross. People diss Andy Cohen on here, but he made the right decision for the right reason.

  15. MaryM says

    It’s not just Uncle Tom Roberts who is a sellout.

    Let’s not forget that co-host Mel B is bi.

  16. PBashline says

    Next Thomas Roberts will be an MC at a WBC fundraiser or a Focus on the Family fundraiser.

  17. lukebrux says

    Just hope that nobody thinks that Thomas Roberts should be in any way an example. He sold our rights and the ones of the Russian gay for a pack of Putin’s money.

  18. PC says

    It’s fun to watch when someone doesn’t realize a they are ruining their career. And Andy may be too.

  19. FFS says

    Is your spellcheck hungover this morning, Andy?

    I accept Thomas’s point of view as being valid. Shame that in order to accomplish his goal, he has to get in bed with that orange muppet.

    Trump Stank is hard to wash off.

  20. Rowan says

    Did you miss what the newspaper said? They said selling gay propaganda to minors!!? WTF? The ban is about being gay. That’s all. So basically they are making everyone think that Andy refused because he thinks minors should be sold about or taken advantaged by gay people.

    Damn. Wording is everyone and surprised so many missed that.

  21. Cover says

    Tomas Roberts is bought and paid for. The fact that he claims he is helping gays is a crock of s—. When a blog creator knows the real story and blocks it, he a fraud to gay rights.

  22. says

    Trump needs a useful idiot to avoid losing millions in advertising fees on his international beauty pageant. he was certainly not for gay rights running for president just last year. Shame on Roberts for whoring himself out like this.

  23. ral415 says

    DASTIUS KRAZITAUC! I am with you.

    It sounds like a paycheck in search of a rationale. I love Roberts but he is being a bit naive or disingenuous not sure which.

    I won’t even bother to address the rash that is Trumped.

  24. Mark says

    Thomas Roberts is two buzzers away from being a game show host. He’s a talking head – not a real news journalist who has covered real stories and been out on assignment –like Anderson Cooper, for example. Not sure why everyone is so $hocked.

  25. Jerry says

    Trump has a mean streak wider than his backside…

    Not as effective, but somebody else had already taken Fiona’s crock of sh*t line.

  26. Nelson says

    I work for the Miss Universe organization as do many Gay men.
    While we are openly gay in our jobs, we cannot disagree with or comment against anything Donald Trump says for fear that we will be fired,,everyone is well aware of this.
    As much I dislike the politics of anti-Gay Russia , i have to go because of my job,,it pays well and in this uncvertain economy,, I am not able to jeopardixe my career.
    We were directed not to go out socially and be outwardly gay while in Moscow.
    I am leaving tomorrow to Russia ,, in my job, I have traveled to places such as Australia,South Korea,.Peru,Singapore,Thailand,Mexico,,Trinidad-Tobago,Cyprus,Namibia Puerto Rico,Panama.Ecuador,Vietnam,China,Brazil, and Philippines…this is the first time that my employee has warned all the the gay employees concerning our behavior while being there for “safety reasons.” While I enjoy visiting all the fabulous locales since my employment with the organization since 1979,, I am Not happy to go on this trip.

  27. bobbyjoe says

    It was announced this week that Trump is thinking about running for governor of New York. Which means that the anti-gay positions Trump used to run for the presidency won’t fly with many NY voters, even a lot of Republicans. So it’s sort of predictable that this cynical tool– who’s more than willing to use bigotry to promote his own success when he thinks it’ll work– will suddenly start changing his tune. Trump’s gonna suddenly be much more gay friendly– watch and see.

  28. Markt says

    I don’t understand the hate for Thomas Roberts. He’s out – and he’s going to Russia where you’re literally not allowed to be out. Madonna was sued over her appearance and Roberts really could be arrested. What is the problem exactly?

  29. Will says

    The Russian GOVT wants everyone to think the law is fine, “Look we have Gays” no problem. The only way to have an effect is to refuse to go or publicly challenge the law.

    If ALL LBGT friendly or OUT entertainers, refuse to go unless the law is repealed (Elton John) then it will have an loud embarrassing effect. Sochi included. Going and not saying anything is quietly endorsing the policy and giving Putin exactly what he wants.

    Sooo, Tom and Mel B, and Elton and anyone else including athletes, if you go… publicly challenge the law. Period.

    FYI: just wearing a rainbow pin is not challenging the law.

    After all, it’s what you do when you say you are going to DO something!! If you are not going to publicly make a strong statement then stay the hell out of this backward country.

    When you come back home remember we’ll be watching and will see what you actually said and we will know for certain if you did this because of $$$$$ or your conviction.