1. Lars says

    I’ll watch this and give it a fair chance, mainly because I’m a big fan of Andrew and Jonathan (Weekend and C.O.G. were both fantastic).

    But my interest in ‘Looking’ is most definitely in spite of, and not because of, these trailers. They have both left me feeling…meh.

  2. Joesbrat67 says

    Thanks for the new trailer AND the information on the song. Of course, I saw the full trailer last night and then let Shazam look up the song for me. Nioe to know that someone was of like mind to let others know about the song.

    Yes, I will be definitely tuning in. It’s about time that we had a GLBT-focused show back on cable TV.

  3. will says

    Andrew Haigh is an artist. The people putting this together look like they’re attempting something different with an authentic contemporary feel. “The Way We Live Now” as the Anthony Trollope goes. It looks intimate both in the manner of “Weekend” and that old HBO film “Longtime Companion”. They’re attempting something unique and new.

  4. crispy says

    Don’t want anyone too queeny, but not too hairy either. WTF? Note to Goldilocks: This is why you are (and will always be) single.

    And FYI: Actual San Francisco drag queens appear in this show. Sorry, love.

  5. Sam says

    Why all the hate for beards, guys?! :-)

    Where I live – a major East Coast city – beards are very popular with both gays and straights.

    The show looks pretty good to me. I’d give it a shot. Can’t be any worse than Queer as Folk.

  6. BobN says

    I’m looking forward to the episode in which all the main characters spend Friday night at home impulsively jumping from Manhunt to Grndr to A4A and frittering the night away.

    Re: beards. I’m old enough to remember walking down Castro and feeling like the only guy without a beard (I was still a twinkish 20 and couldn’t have grown a full beard if I had wanted to). Sigh… memmmmmmmries.

  7. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    Feels a little more charming than QAF, which I always found a little too depressing and “Brian”-centric for my tastes. I’m willing to give it a shot.

  8. says

    QAF (the American version) was a little too Toronto for me, especially since it was supposed to be set in Pittsburgh. So it’s a good first step if the filming location actually matches the setting. Guess I’m in line for the 40-year-old hairy one.

    It’s always fun to read critiques of shows no one has seen.

  9. says

    Not enough skin color and body diversity in this cast. The producers and director should spend some time somewhere like a big city homeless shelter. That’s where you’ll see what men really look like. We’re not all like models from GQ or Vogue Hommes. But we all have our sexy side.

  10. Brandon H says

    I was hoping Jonathon Groff would get with a huskier guy, oh well, a man can dream. At least they are not pretending bears don’t exist like QAF.

    I was glad to see there is at least a little color in the supporting cast if not the main.

  11. Zlick says

    I think the beard trend has gotten too crazy, at least here in L.A. But I can hardly say to depict the gay world with 80% bearded guys is in any way inaccurate. It’s just not my thing (perhaps because I couldn’t grow a beard myself on a bet!). Anyway, the trailers mean nothing. Heck, the first season barely means anything (as long as that’s not the ONLY season).

    Wait and see, wait and see. I’m encouraged by the HBO pedigree, the accuracy of shooting everything in San Francisco, and yeah even the accuracy of so many beards.

  12. DB says

    It’s great to see a show that has realistic gay characters that actually act and look like folks that I know. I am an extra in two scenes of this show (one on Castro Street and one in a gay dance club in the Castro). All the folks in the scenes are actual gay San Franciscans.

  13. writingme says

    Seems like a perfectly fine dramatic depiction of gay life. I’m looking forward to it. I’m happy drugs and sex aren’t being touted as its only selling points.

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