1. Paul R says

    I think the comments on Towleroad and pretty much every other site prove that there are trolls for every type of person. Like colors in the spectrum, nearly infinite.

  2. Sam says

    Funnily enough about Julia Louis-Dreyfus, what was said about Seinfeld can have the same criticism for Friends too.

  3. Kurtis Edwards says

    Jimmy Kimmels staff is thinking. Its funny and BS. But, PEOPLE NEED TO THINK… its ignorance thats saying it in the first place. We should hide it so no one knows people think like that. WTF???? THINKING IS GOOD?

  4. Lucas H says

    I thought these were really funny the first couple times, until I found out Kimmel’s staff are writing at least half the “mean” tweets :(

  5. Markt says

    Thinking good – If those were real tweets. R u saying b/c that tweet was used Kimmel is homophobic? Bacon has played gay.