1. Lars says

    What Alec said was wrong. It was right for MSNBC to suspend him. And he NEEDS counseling for anger management.

    HOWEVER, it is unseemly for Anderson to pile up on him like this. Is there some history between these two, outside the public eye?? I just can’t otherwise understand why Anderson is taking Alec on as his pet project (he did it before with the “toxic queen” episode).

  2. Sam says

    A two week suspension for a direct confrontation where he called another person the f-word, just within the past couple weeks. Meanwhile, Paula Deen is pilloried and basically loses her career for answering honestly in a deposition about having used the n-word nearly 30 years ago when relaying a story about someone pointing a gun to her head. Seems about right.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Is there some history between these two, outside the public eye??”

    Not to mention that Baldwin’s show is on a competing network in the same timeslot as AC360.

  4. MIke says

    Well, in Alec’s defense and even when confronted with the videotape, he’s “not sure” what he actually said.

    What a joke. MSNBC just scrapes pond scum for a paycheck. If it wasn’t embarrassing for them to have to fire yet ANOTHER blowhard, he would have been last week.

  5. Fenrox says

    Oh that is rich, If Andrew Sullivan had even 10% of the press, stalkers, paparazzi and BS that Alec Baldwin gets he would be screaming sexist, racist and homophobic stuff at people too. Andrew Sullivan is a tool and BS like this honestly vindicates Alec Baldwin, he isn’t some normal guy who doesn’t deal with people well, he is a man constantly besieged by media.

  6. Francis says

    I think this Alec Baldwin situation has now reached overblown stage, but then again, no-one but Anderson is really talking about it in the mainstream. So much talk about how much progress we’ve made, but the facts are exactly what Anderson spelled them out to be. Racial slurs, Islamophobic slurs, calling a woman a c-word or b-word as an famous figure, you would be DONE or in need of some serious apologizes and public relations damage control.

    With homophobic slurs…not so much. Usually an apology and that’s it unless the situation is simply too egregious. Maybe a fine, maybe a mini-suspension like we’re seeing here. Which wasn’t addressed at all by MSNBC. They’ve dropped the ball completely. MSNBC and Alec agreed to mutually suspend the show for a couple weeks, his show may not come back and the ratings were already in the toilet.

    Homophobia is not taken anywhere near as serious as other forms of bigotry. That’s a definite fact. Many gays don’t take homophobia serious enough. At least someone is saying it. Two people, in fact, in Andrew and Anderson.

  7. Rad says

    Two words: Street Theatre. Oh the drama. Makes good copy for a few news cycles.

    Secondly, Alec Baldwin’s show sucked. I tried to watch it (the Chris Matthews interview) and thought I was watching an SCTV parody of “Merv Griffin”, only it was real.

  8. Rowan says

    SAM, what are you in??? Take your meds dude.

    LARS, yeah they do. Opp ends of the scale politically and when Cooper had a dig at Alec the first time he said “Toxic little Queen”, Baldwin accused him of staying in the closet to long. Now Alec has said this and now Cooper is making a meal out of it.

    Cooper is old money, Baldwin is blue collar. You couldn’t get two more different true New Yorkers if you tried.

  9. Just_a_guy says

    Yeah, you know the celebrity who got angry and called a plebe trying to photograph him a motherf#^~#*%’ coc(&(:#ing n#%^*#, yeah him. He sure has some anger issues, but the n#%^*# reporting on it and calling the celebrity out on it MUST have some personal vendetta against this innocent celebrity who just has anger issues. Yeah that reporter is just one uppity too-privileged n#%^*#.

    Everyone would accept this explanation and nod their heads to it in the 1950s.

  10. MaryM says

    NBC is showing the Sochi Hatelympics.

    Of course MSNBC does not take homophobic bigotry seriously.

    Alec Baldwin is an ugly, violent, bullying, bigot scumbag whose career needs to end.

  11. Mike Ryan says

    Cooper is correct in calling down Baldwin’s repeated use of gay slurs. So many of us are so used to them flowing at the drop of a hat that it seems wrong to hurt the lily-white Alex. No one but Baldwin brought this on himself and his history – from his hateful public verbal fights with Basinger thru his incredibly insensitive attacks against his twelve year old daughter imakes iy clear the man, tho talented he may be, is a sick disgusting blowhard. He’s a celebrity and the photog hers come with the territory. Get out of show business if you can’t deal with. Thank God we have one person in our community like Anderson who will take Baldwin to the floor.

  12. tjones says

    An employee called me a fag at work once. I was told by management–and these are the exact words: “Those are her morals.”

    What I find disturbing is that some at this website are making excuses for such a slur. A black or brown would be in his face. A woman–don’t even go there. He would be lucky to even have a career after such an incident.

    Even some gays don’t seem upset by such remarks. Sad.

  13. bobbyjoe says

    It’s the double-standard argument that nails this one. Cooper is exactly on-point when he notes that had this been a racist or anti-Semitic word, Baldwin’s career would be over. Unless we just accept the idea that we’re lesser and accept second-class status, then anti-gay slurs should have the same weight. I like Baldwin, but this is multiple times, and all he’s doing is feeding the conception that slur-words aimed at gays are somehow lesser than slurs aimed at other minorities. It’s time we stepped up and said we should be treated like everyone else.

  14. Keith in SF says

    The closet case boys are offended? If either one of them had the cameras after them I might see a point of view, but since neither one of them as in the view as AB it’s a tempest in an on line teacup.

  15. Seattle Mike says

    My husband and I got called the same thing once on the street. “C*cksucking f*gs.” It was so out of the blue I didn’t know what to say in response. In the future my response will be “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

  16. simon says

    In addition to actors and athletes, why not also go after Cardinals whose reterics are far more toxic than gay slurs.

  17. donjuan says

    Copper makes good points. Sullivan is a conservative blowhard and a tool. I do think the Baldwin situation needed to be addressed and if gay media people like Cooper dont do it no one else will.

  18. FFS says

    @FROMYOU: For all you know, AC gets turned on when his husband “run[s] around town kissing other men.” How presumptuous and asinine.