1. says

    I like the guy. He is his own person and says and does what he wants! It is glorious! He werks! My mom met him last year and loved him. I have been trying to get my dad to send some of that corporate exec salary to Ford’s reelection campaign.

  2. Mike says

    Oh please. What ridiculous hype. It was an intense, personal meeting. They announce a short break. The mayor rushes over to hug or thank some people who spoke up for him. On his way over, he didn’t see the woman and bumped into her. She didn’t fall on the ground, she just fell back. He steadied her and pulled her back. The whole thing was over in 2 seconds. I would have been more apologetic about it, but whatever. It is hardly a video of a raging bull inexplicably running and knocking people over.

    This video made me want to support Ford. As I understand it, the council has no right to strip him of his powers. He was elected and the only way to get him out is to defeat him at the next election.

  3. James in Toronto says

    Nothing like “him” has ever come up before.

    There’s no local, legal mechanism to chuck him out of office, however… the provincial government may be able to step in and oust him.

  4. JJ says

    Are they unable to enact a recall process? Their government sounds pretty fᏌcked up if a) lawmakers can’t amend their laws to establish a recall process, and b) politicians can nullify an election.

  5. Charlie says

    If there is a need to get him out of office then just arrest him. That’s what we do in DC. Perhaps the judge could require him to seek treatment as a condition of release from jail.

  6. macguffin54 says

    This reminds me of the classic SNL sketch with Alec Baldwin as a politician running for office who makes one poor lapse in judgement after another. First he shoots and kills an intruder in his home who turns out to be Lassie, then he is giving a speech and gets upset and screams at a baby from the crowd, then in another speech people throw eggs at him and he grabs the first thing he sees to wipe it off his butt–the American flag. Finally, he gives another speech and gets dirty again and starts to grab the American flag to wipe his butt again, thinks better of it, so he grabs the NEXT thing he sees to wipe his butt–another baby from the crowd. Good stuff. One thing after another.

  7. says

    Gigi- No it is not one of the troll imposters this time . . . I really do like him. My mom told me more about him after they met. He’s really authentic. . . Authenticity is what I am about! He is being put down by the moralizers who have their panties in a twist about drugs and oral sex? Not havin it.

  8. Eric A says

    To Little Kiwi and Mike; he is an embarrassment to our city for godsakes! Even if you disregard is drunken-crack-smoking-coke-snorting-peeing-in-public-disrespect to his staff-homophobic-racist & lewd conduct; he has made lies regarding his platform (there was never a gravy train) or accomplishments (lots of information out there to prove this). …these qualities does not make one a leader.

  9. m.r. says

    Don’t really follow Canadian politics but didn’t someone allege that they were threatened by the mob to hand over the video tape of the crack smoking mayor? Doesn’t that imply the mayor has mob ties. Plus I thought he had prior incidents involving a dui accident and in the crack smoking video he makes racial slurs.

    Frankly, I cannot imagine why anyone is supporting this guy. The crack dealers are in jail or dead (I think one of them was killed) but the mayor walks free and says he supports drug enforcement. He seems the epitome of a hypocrite but the people in Toronto still support him.

    We have no shortage of political criminals in my state (Illinois) but we tend to jail ours when they do wrong.

  10. m.r. says

    Just found it–he did have a DUI in Miami years ago. When stopped by the cops he was drunk and smelled of marijuana and he threw money at the cops. I guess he was a comedian even then. Supposed he’d hit someone?

    Plus isn”t this the mayor infamous for snubbing Toronto Gay Pride Parade and being the first Toronto mayor to ever miss it? And wiki has his quotes about AIDS here: “”If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn’t get AIDS probably, that’s bottom line…those are the facts.”

    Here’s Ford’s views on Asian people or as he refers to them, orientals: “Those Oriental people work like dogs. They work their hearts out. They are workers non-stop. They sleep beside their machines. That’s why they’re successful in life. I went to Seoul, South Korea, I went to Taipei, Taiwan. I went to Tokyo, Japan. That’s why these people are so hard workers (sic). I’m telling you, the Oriental people, they’re slowly taking over.”

    This is the guy you support Little Kiwi??????

  11. Danny says

    “one of the lawmakers announced McConnell had a swollen lip”? Seriously? Her face never even touched him! Ford’s an idiot who deserves whatever he gets, but that’s just ludicrous.

  12. says

    He’s just acting out now for the Rob Ford reality show, here to entertain you with his delusion. He’s like a 300 lb drunk infant, one you’d want to keep any actual infants miles away from. Whatever happens in this absurd political theater, it won’t end well for this anti-gay pig. He makes Chris Christie look healthy.

    And, no, that isn’t Little Kiwi commenting earlier. Gay Canadians are not fans of the big boy; suburban idiots are.

  13. jjose712 says

    m.r: That’s not the real littlekiwi no matter what the impostor says. It’s not his writing style at all.

    One thing is for sure, with this guy, politics are never boring. He is a clown, and it’s really weird that a big city vote for that kind of candidate

  14. woodroad34d says

    He looks like Rush Limbaugh trying to get an Oxycontin pill and he wasn’t going to let anything stop him. Such a pig and the true face of modern conservatism.

  15. Eric A says

    GIGI…nice guy doesnt make a good leader…what a small-minded buffoon, same folks who supports him and belong to the cult of Ford Nation….and whoever commented on Mcconnell saying she has a busted lip…that doesn’t matter; what matter is why was Rob Ford rushing into the crowd like that in the first place…that action is display of a manic-person who has no control of his emotions

  16. Eric A says

    p.s. dont forget he gave a little girl a finger for telling him not to drive while texting….AND YOU CALL THAT A NICE GUY GIGI?????….he is a nice guy to his FORD NATION not to anyone else.

  17. Darrell says

    He is a national joke here now north of the 49th parallel and now wins the award of Global Buffoon on Decline. Poor Toronto this bombastic moron has really given Toronto the global presence it has always wanted!!!! Thank god I live out west in a province where Calgary and Edmonton mayors are cool, modest and intelligent and are not power hungry/crack/booze induced morons!

  18. says

    *eye-roll* Of course those were posted by the trolling closet-case who’s obsessed with me.

    Ford is an embarrassment. And he has massive addiction issues. And he needs to get serious medical help. And the f**k outta office.

    Ford supporters are the Toronto version of “Teabaggers” – miserable plebes who are happy that “big city liberal elites” are furious with him. That’s all it is. The man is an ignorant bigot and a blight on the city. His rainbow tour of US news networks was rife with flat-out lies, which the Canadian media is now highlighting and calling out.

    Nobody in the actual *city* of Toronto voted for this man – he won due to the 1990s city-amalgamation, and was voted in by the anti-city suburbs. It’s preposterous. You can check out the electoral results map online – it spells it all out.

    He boasts of his great work coaching youth football, but even then was removed from the position after upsetting the youth’s parents by stating that the kids all came from “broken homes and gangs” – no, Mr. Ford. They don’t.

    He’s an anti-city man running a great city. He hates gangs and drugs, unless it’s the gangs that supply *him* with drugs. He claims to be an average joe, but he was born into money.

    His “friends” he’s hired to be his assistants (drivers, etc) all have criminal rap sheets. None of this is going to end well for him. Toronto will survive – the mayor may not. Get help, dude. If for nobody else but your children.

  19. dumbnhung says

    Oh that’s just Rob being Rob! He’s so silly! Really, what’s the big deal? He’s just an admitted crack-smoking, drunk driving, alleged prostitute user, alleged wife beater, admitted blackout drinker, actual bully, actual liar, actual racist, actual homophobe. Such a sweetie – what’s not to love?

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