1. Matt27 says

    Theater, full of gays on and off and behind the stage. What a place to rant gays. London College? Wow. I would say he needs to start speaking with the different tone and fast! Otherwise his career in thaterland might have some problems.

    @Chris, yeah, who would have guessed?

  2. Merv says

    Now that they can’t use Vieques anymore, maybe there’s another Caribbean island the Navy can use for target practice.

  3. Bill says

    “objectives is [sic]”? What’s his doctorate in? And while I’m engaged in an ad hominem attack (or should I say, defense), let’s take note of the poor dentiture.

  4. DannyEastVillage says

    I’d suggest a drug test for starters. And–to be clear–this kind of crap isn’t coming from Ganji.

  5. bkmn says

    He needs someone to explain to him what the KKK was all about. He might not be so pro-KKK after that….

  6. says

    What the hell is “gayism”. That’s not even a word. He should be fired. Not for being a bigot, but for being an idiot. Someone that stupid is teaching? I’d also fire whoever hired him, the whole committee if necessary.

  7. bobbyjoe says

    Why the hell is he rambling on about Elton John and the KKK at a staff meeting? Even if he weren’t being a creepy bigot, he ought to be fired immediately for wasting his staff’s time.

  8. andrew says

    Apparently you don’t have to be very smart to teach dance and drama because he sounds as dumb as a brick.

  9. says

    Ranting about gays in the drama and dance department? Is this guy on drugs? Maybe next he’ll go to a retirement community in Miami and b*tch about old Jewish people.

  10. says

    Yeah… saying you are down with the Klan is just not gonna fly these days unless you live somewhere that cousins regularly marry.

  11. Steve says

    At first I was surprised how he could say such thing and then I got the part where he is from Jamaica. Then it wasn’t surprising anymore.

  12. Tim says

    Jamaica was named the #1 most homophobic country in the hemisphere. They even have”kill the botti-man(gay), music on the radio there. The islands are amazingly Christian and backward.

  13. Petes says

    I notice that the BBC is maintaining radio silence on this topic. No questioning allowed of the multi-culti paradise that they’re turning London into.

  14. jamal49 says

    Typically Jamaican. Ignorant and bigoted. How the hell did he ever get to head the dance and drama department of Newham College of East London? Must have been slim pickings in the qualifications department to have promoted that reprobate.

  15. Leroy Laflamme says

    It wasn’t too long ago that he would have been denied a teaching post in a British institution, based solely on his inherent ‘Jamaicanism’. In fact, his ‘Jamaicanism’ wouldn’t have got him out of the janitor’s closet. That, & his appalling ‘inarticulateism’. In a British institute of higher learning? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  16. StudioTodd says

    What an IMBECILE.

    His idiotic analogies and ridiculous arguments were so easy to knock down that I’m surprised he wasn’t shut down five minutes into his absurd tirade. I lost count of the number of “what-if’s” he posed that had absolutely no basis in reality and made no logical sense. Every argument he made was based on nothing but his own prejudices, willful ignorance and lack of understanding of what sexual orientation means.

    “Gayism” my ass.

    I don’t care who he is or what his background is–he’s an uninformed homophobic bigoted moron.

  17. lejos del usa 6 says

    Wow do you really desire to bomb Jamaica? Bombs from the usa have killed many innocents-do you realize how many people n earth have bad opinions of you becauae of this arrogance? Do you believe that all actors & musicians are homosexuals? if you are from usa what about Mr Frank Sinatra? he was not homosexual yet he was an actor singer etc–how about usa jazz musicians like Duke Ellington of Charlie Parker–they were not homosexuals yet they were a genius–YOu usa types have to be more intellectual & international when it comes to your comments & world outlooks– all these comments make you appear racist or limited in your understanding of international culture what limited minds you display! Wow