1. jamal49 says

    Wonderful news! But, beware the reactionaries who have vowed to seek court injunctions to prevent it from going into effect should it pass final vote in the Hawaii Senate.

  2. NY2.0 says

    This is what’s possible when we elect liberal/ Democrat legislatures and governors. Anyone who denies this is being disillusional, or a disingenuous Republican.

    Congrats Hawaii!

  3. Mike says

    Fantastic news! This MAY be one of the most visible states as Hawaii has long been highly prized as a marriage location. It will certainly add dignity to any ceremony as it symbolizes the SPECIAL love between two people who just happen to be gay . . .

  4. Lars says

    @NY2.0 — The vote here, and in many other states, was bipartisan. Both for and against. I would say that the result in Hawaii shows what is possible when you elect PROGRESSIVE legislatures and governors. The party affiliation is instructive (since “Democrat” correlates with “Progressive” more than “Republican” does). But it is most definitely not determinative.

    In other words, I would vote for Rep Thielen (R) any day over Rep Har (D) or Rep Jordan (D). It is not enough to simply pick “D” over “R.” Our allegiance should be to policies and principles before parties.

  5. says

    20 years after Hawaii started the marriage equality ball rolling, Hawaii finally moves to the equality column thanks to fair minded legislators and a good governor. With Dems in a majority, of course, or it wouldn’t have happened.

    @Jamal49: The Senate already passed the bill, it just has to go back for final approval. And the reactionaries are full of bitter hot air. This is done. Congratulations, HI!

  6. NY2.0 says

    @Lars, you are entirely correct but let’s be real here. This would’ve never happened even if there were a bunch of progressives as part if a Republican majority.

  7. Buster says

    From the department of “Not that it really mattters, but…”

    If, as expected, the Hawaii Senate passes the amended bill on Tuesday and if Governor Abercrombie chooses to sign it before Nov. 20 (when Illinois Gov. Quinn has scheduled HIS signing ceremony) then Hawaii, while “passage” might have come a few days later, will be the 15TH state to ENACT equal marriage and Illinois 16th. Which, after all, is what we really care about.

    Further, given the Dec 2, 2013 effective date in Hawaii compared to the June 1, 2014 effective date in Illinois, I think Hawaii is clearly entitled to be placed as number 15 on the list. Not that it really matters…. :-)

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