Illinois Senate Passes Amended Marriage Equality Bill 32-21; Governor to Sign


The Illinois Senate has passed SB10, the amended marriage equality bill passed by the House an hour ago. The Senate passed the bill 32-21 and it will now go to Governor Pat Quinn, who has promised to sign it.

Towleroad has heard that there will be a community celebration tonight at Sidetrack, at 3349 N. Halsted with leading supporters of the marriage equality bill speaking between 8 and 9 pm.



  1. says

    I think it would be totally appropriate for the governor to sing this. Sing it loud, sing it proud. What was said in whispers must now be sung from rooftops! Sing as you sign, guvnah! Sing as you sign! Hallelujah!

  2. Mike says

    CONGRATULATIONS ILLINOIS! Guess that we can expect another “revelation” from that ridiculous money grubbing twit Pat Robertson via his private pipeline from God . . .

  3. Icebloo says

    It is wonderful new but now why are they making us wait until JUNE 1st 2014 for marriages to begin ? WTF ?! Does it really take EIGHT MONTHS to design a new marriage application form ?

    These politicians and lawmakers need a kick up the ass. If they moved this slowly in the real world they would be fired !

    Marriage equality in Illinois should be legal tomorrow ! Stop making us wait all the time !

  4. woody says

    too bad brian brown wasn’t in the gallery like he was when same-sex marriage passed in albany. i was so waiting for another picture of him crying into his shirt cuffs.

  5. Jim Elliott says

    Due to the rules of the special session (for any bill) they would have needed 71 votes to put it into effect immediately. They only needed 60 votes to go with the June 1, 2014 date. Better to have it then than go through another debate in 2014 which would have put the date out even further.

  6. steven says

    There was a blurb on one of the gay blogs this morning that the Christian Coalition (pat robertson’s old thing) in Hawaii, claims to have 5M members (4x the state population) and they are trying to do a “citizen” filibuster to prevent the vote. The head of the police union also spoke out against it, once he retires he won’t support the law….

  7. john patrick says

    They tried to do a “citizen” filibuster in Hawaii, but got cut off, finally. The committees are in recess and will reconvene shortly. When/if they approve it, it goes to the House.

  8. Mary says

    Things are changing so fast its unbelievable! It’s starting to look like the end of the line for NOM. I hope Maggie and Brian have other work lined up.

    I only wish I had some gay friends so we could all celebrate!

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