LA Galaxy Player Robbie Rogers Dating ‘Arrow’ Creator Greg Berlanti


LA Galaxy player Robbie Rogers, who back in June told MTV News that he was single, is apparently single no longer. TMZ reports that he's dating Greg Berlanti, creator of Arrow and producer of Brothers & Sisters, Everwood, and Dawson's Creek, among others.

Sources tell us Robbie and Greg began dating sometime around May … roughly 3 months after Robbie went public with his sexuality for the first time.

The two haven't exactly tried to keep their relationship a secret — they've been spotted at several major events together over the past few months.



  1. jjose712 says

    American Dreamer: Why do you post that here?
    All forums and comments are full of stupid post of stupid people. Towleroad is a good example of trolling, so no need to import stupidity from another comments section.

  2. jjose712 says

    Lukas: Yes, Berlanti is older, and has money and power, but frankly he is goodlooking enough to not being such difficult to imagine that Robbie can be attracted by him.

    And, i know a good bunch of couples (straight and gay) when one of the members is far out of the league of the other, and in most cases the reason the “beautiful” one chose to be with the other are not money, but because the other has a lot of good qualities.
    Not everyone in this life is guided by money or by looks

  3. Jerry says

    Greg Berlanti is only 41 and hot as hell so I hardly think he’s dating outside his league, Lukas. Thanks being a negative c*nt though.

  4. Piet says

    What’s with the sniping at the age difference? I’ve always dated men between 15 and 25 years older than I am; they have had experience in and out of bed that makes them good lovers, they have wisdom, they’re no less loving than the younger guys, and it’s just generally a good relationship in both directions. It doesn’t have anything to do with how powerful or rich or good looking they are, it’s the inner qualities that make them attractive.

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Piet – I’ve always gone for older guys, but I’m beginning to realize that’s a problem. As I grow older each year, there are fewer men older than me.

  6. Patrick says

    Ok. I want to know who is top and who’s the bottom? Or are they both versatile? And the cop fantasy is hot..I’d cuff ’em both ,bend ’em over and boink away…

  7. Patrick says

    MORE power to Robbie and his bf.. I know people in committed,loving relationships and on the surface they seem not made for each other. It works for THEM and it their business. So GO FOR IT. Robbie & Greg rock. So all of you bitter,envious,jealous queens get over yourselves.

  8. Fox says

    I totally get this. Berlanti is not only above average in looks (imho), but he’s smart, confident, and successful. I find him very attractive for all of these reasons. Good for them.

  9. JackFknTwist says

    Wow, the assumptions posted here !!….it’s like a jamboree of the superficial.
    So only hot looking guys can date other guys that are hot looking ?
    That’s just patent nonsense.
    And worse, it’s Narcissus run wild.

    The same applies to guys of different ages…see Don Bachardy and Christopher Isherwood (RIP).

  10. Pope Francis says

    Greg’s Italian-American & Irish. Robbie’s VERY devout. I hope they have a BIG Catholic wedding.

  11. Tom says

    So not true that Greg is dating out of his league. He happens to be smart, talented, funny, and in my opinion, incredibly good looking. (His smile is devastating!) So whey then is Robbie “out of his league”? Is youth so exceptional that it trumps all else? Is a young man with boyish, boy next door looks required to date ONLY guys w/ a similar look & within a certain age range? Some people are ridiculously shallow. Sad.

  12. David says

    Catty bitches, Lukas and Patrick.
    I’m happy for them. I always thought that Greg Berlanti was a great catch.

  13. Mike Ryan says

    The seem like a great match to me. Both are very lucky to have found each other. Let’s hope it progresses into full blown love, marriage and a couple of kids. Robbie has mentioned he wants children and if Greg’s on board then it should be a wonderful and long-lasting match.

  14. Mick says

    WOW! These guys are not only super cool but they make an incredibly sexy couple. I wish them much happiness together. I love them both.

  15. peterparker says

    Greg Berlanti is good looking, so I hardly think he is batting outside of his league. But can we talk for a minute about how maudlin his show ‘Brothers and Sisters’ is? I swear, every episode was a big huge cry-fest. I lasted about 6 or 7 episodes before I had to bail.

  16. says

    Damn, have I been getting it wrong all this time – are we all sorted and assigned into groups of what ‘type’ we are?

    Who runs the committee that decides which groups are allowed to mix?

    Is there any kind of handbook I can get to tell me what groups of guys I’m allowed to date – I’d hate to offend community standards. I’ve got this old closet I haven’t used for many years that I could hide in if that pleases the committee.

  17. GregV says

    I thought maybe Lukas’ comment was nonsensical on purpose. Like Nate, my first thought was: “So which one of these sexy, rich and influential men does Lukas think is “out of his league?”
    Does he think Robbie would never get a “hello” from a creative genius like Berlanti if he were not a famous soccer player making six figures, or does he think that Greg would never get a pro athlete if he were just another hot-looking man writing unpaid scripts for community theatre?
    I read his comment as I would read one about Brad and Angelina thst says: “Why is a famous movie star dating someone so ordinary?”
    It would probably just make me wonder who the commenter thinks is ordinary, or maybe it was just planted to find out the reaction.
    Obviously, nobody commenting afterward thinks either is “out of the other’s league.” And if someone does, I’d wonder who they think these two should be dating.

  18. Victor says

    In certain circles, Greg is known for being..ahem… well-endowed. Naughty Robbie!

    This is the internet. ‘m allowed to be shallow.

  19. Profe Sancho Panza says

    Well, for whatever it’s worth, I *don’t* think Greg Berlanti would get (or even meet) a pro athlete if he were writing unpaid scripts for community theater. Let’s be realistic here.

  20. Quicksilver says

    From this picture and their age difference, I can honestly say Robbie Rogers might have a few fetishes. He just got a hell of a lot hotter.

  21. crispy says

    I’d hardly call Greg Berlanti the “creator” of Arrow. He may have developed the TV show, but the character was created in 1941. That’s like saying Christopher Nolan created Batman.

    I find it odd that a gay website failed to mention that Berlanti, in addition to his TV work, is also the writer/director of The Broken Hearts Club, one of the best movies ever made about gay friendships.

    As for the picture, really? It’s not obvious they went as CHiPS for Halloween?

  22. anon says

    Brothers and Sisters was good for about a half-season, then the writing went downhill. I think they switched to b-team writers to save money.

    They are only dating, so their fling can’t be taken too seriously.

  23. GregV says

    @Ankerich: Just because a person dates someone rich does not mean he’s digging for gold. Besides, Robbie Rogers’ minimum guaranteed salary (before even counting his bonuses) is $90,000, which is more money than 90% of Americans make and more than 99% of people worldwide. He’s already wealthy without a penny from someone else.
    If someone has a historical pattern not only of dating only rich people but of consistently using the dates’ wallets to pay, then the label of gold digger would probably apply.

  24. jamal49 says

    @LUKAS Honey, work on the envy/jealousy thing. Otherwise, you’re going to end up being an old, wrinkly, bitter troll? Oh wait! You already ARE an old, wrinkly, bitter troll!

    Never mind.

  25. jjose712 says

    anon; You (and i or everyone else) are not the one who has to say if the fling is serious or not, they are the ones who know that.
    And of course, a lot of serious relationships started as casual dates

  26. CAM456 says

    Damn! I’ve had separate fantasies about each of these guys in the past. Now it gets even hotter as a threesome. Hahaha. Throw in Robbie and Stephen Amell from Greg’s shows and you’ve got the makings of the hottest group ever…unless you add Bradley Cooper from his “Jack & Bobby” days (another Berlanti show…he sure can pick em.)

  27. Amicus says

    I for one, am happy for them. Every interview that I see and read of Robbie, he comes across as a kind, humble and good soul. I hope that he inspires our LGBT youth to be their best selves.

  28. RJ says

    @Ankerich … The question is why you would assume he’s a gold digger? Has Robbie ever demonstrated a need to live a lavish lifestyle? Not that we in the public have seen so far.

  29. bravo says

    It is not unreasonable that Robbie would find a hot, older, more mature, more sophisticated guy attractive. Ah, to have been a fly on the wall the first night they hooked up…

    Berlanti is a fox. He’s a great first boyfriend, and Robbie can learn a lot from him.

  30. Steve says

    I’m very glad for Robbie that he is partnered with someone who will show him the ropes of being out, being public and being professional. I’m very glad for Greg that he found someone who just may be equally as vibrant. Happiness to them both.

    I had the privilege of interviewing Greg Berlanti over the course of a full day. It was an energetic, hilarious and unguarded time. I can say this after having crossed paths with Greg a couple of times since, he seems universally respected and adored. I met one guy Greg dated for a while and he wasn’t some boy toy slouch: he was quite accomplished and busy on his own.