1. Francis says

    Pretty much Rachel is on the money. Even within states, from city to city, within cities themselves, there are huge discrepancies on what people think on this issue. Most red states aren’t going to see marriage equality unless forced into it through litigation. While Democrats and moderate Republicans are increasingly backing and seeing this issue as a fundamental one and something they can use over establishment Republicans (and conservative Democrats).

    Not really a culture war…two completely different cultures entirely.

  2. jamal49 says

    Rachel Maddow is out front on this story and her attention to the evangelical infestation of our armed forces, particularly the Air Force, should be heeded by all.

  3. Jim says

    Now, let’s see if Barack Obama finds a backbone and dismisses this anti-gay quack and disciplines the Air Force idiots who hired him. Anybody want to bet a dollar that the quack stays and Obama lifts not a finger?

  4. Craig says

    She’s great but she’s preaching to the choir. Kinda the same way Bryan Fischer preaches to his (much smaller) choir. She’s not getting tom the audience that needs to hear her.

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