1. Fenrox says

    Hijack! If you hate these terrible comments that undermine all efforts on this site, it’s time to complain to Andy directly! If you want to help FIX THIS, please email/tweet/FB Andy and ask him to upgrade these comments. At the very least lets get a post that starts a discussion on it!

  2. MikeSin says

    I’m actually considering canceling an upcoming trip to CR an wanted to see if this changed my mind but I’m still not excited about going. Anyone else been to the Pacific side and have some insight?

  3. Kev C says

    Mikesin, the pacific side of CR is for surfers, hippies, rain forest tourists. The towns are a little scruffy, and some areas are pretty isolated but generally pleasant place to visit.

  4. Nick says

    I don’t see the undermining!?!

    It would look as if someone wants these comments to be moderated in order to make participation more difficult or even impossible, that would be the true undermining that would silence many voices.

  5. TomTallis says

    Sorry about the above. I had a brain fart. Pleas ignore it. A mule is a Maulesel, a donkey is an Esel.

    Now that I’ve set the record straight, I’ll tiptoe outta here…

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