1. Gregory in Seattle says

    Keep in mind that this is all a capella: Kevin (the black guy) and Avi (the guy with the beard) provide the beat and foundation for the rest. They are such an amazingly talented group.

    And even appropriate for the group. Mitch (the dark haired singer) and, I think, Scott (the blond) are gay. They vlog together under the name Superfruit.

  2. Tarc says

    It’s entirely a cappella, no electronic manipulation, bub. The do all this stuff live, and they are just as astonishing.

  3. Gregory In Seattle says

    @yuninv – While their voices have been altered, there is no instrumentation. That is what “a capella” means.

  4. RG says

    @yuninv The “jumps” as you say, are video NOT audio. Yes they use reverb and delay or it would sound as dead as the studio they record in, but they don’t use it for studio tricks. The repeats, skips and other effects are done vocally. YouTubes have posted clips of them doing bit’s of the song live as a tease for the album.

  5. turboflea says

    Avi provides most of that synth and echo vocally himself. He does some mind blowing stuff with overtones.

    You really can’t believe what PTX is capable of with just 5 voices until you see them in person and unplugged… And then its still unbelievable.