1. MaryM says

    Jay-Z hates his own daughter – Blue-Ivy Carter – for using such lyrics.

    Eminem is a pathetic middle-aged hasbeen who thinks his homophobic lyrics make him relevant.

    They don’t – they reveal him to be a sad, pathetic loser of a human being who is also a bad parent to his daughter Hailey.

  2. says

    I fell in love with Rizzle Kicks when I heard their first album, “Stereo Typical”. Now after reading this, I love them even more! Social consciousness aside, I highly recommend both their albums. Their music is fun!

  3. jjose712 says

    When rap started to be popular, or at least when news about rap went abroad, everybody talked about urban poetry, and lyrics denouncing the problems of living in a big city, but frankly most mainstream rap is a poor collection of bad lyrics, with tons of violence, homophobia and furthermore misoginy.
    Even clean cut artist (not properly rappers) like Trey songz have that kind of lyrics when he has rappers as featured artists, and he is not an exception but the norm