1. Onnyjay says

    What a horrible way to spend an evening, listening to hateful tripe while eating rubber chicken. Do these people even pretend to be honest any longer?

  2. Hey Darlin' says

    The true debate should be whether we even have rights and who should be in charge of policing them and taking them away as it suits their own personally selected morals and judgment.

  3. JoyZeeBoy says

    Does anybody else find it hilarious that a politician speechifies about MORALITY?

    None of them got where they are without spending some quality time in bed with Satan.

  4. jleo71 says

    “God is everywhere, At Every Time”? So it is really strange that he is nowhere in our constitution.

  5. Juck Feebus says

    Is it ‘moral’ to run around changing your religion from one cult to another? Then back again? That doesn’t sound ‘moral’ to me.

  6. Jack M says

    When it comes to morality, people should mind their own business and stop spending all their time worrying about what other people do. You cannot legislate morality.

  7. Luke says

    I agree that morality is definitely the business of public policy and government. After all, the people who vote officials into office make moral judgments all the time through ballot initiatives and by voting for/against candidates. The market of ideas is about moral judgments and values and who persuades the most number of voters and officials that their judgments are correct. Government reflects the enactment of specific values and world views. I welcome the debate about values.

  8. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    @ Luke: the chief value that seems to be enshrined in our Constitution is that of equality. Over time, those who were not straight white wealthy men have had to prevail upon those in power that this idea of equality applies to all of us who are not straight white wealthy men. And STILL the republicans trip on that idea every step of the way. I too welcome such a debate. I welcome a renaissance of the idea of equality. Most of all, I welcome EXCISING SECTARIAN IDEAS AROUND “VALUES” FROM OUR CONSTITUTIONAL PRACTICE and returning to the founding fathers’ abhorrence of priestcraft.

  9. xael says

    Marco Rubio lo que tiene que hacer es dejar de hablar tanta mierda si no quiere terminar vendiendo churros en hialeah

  10. xael says

    Marco Rubio lo que tiene que hacer es dejar de hablar tanta mierda si no quiere terminar vendiendo churros en hialeah

  11. @jamal49 says

    @LUKE Spoken like a true RNC-sucking Tea Batty. And, no, morality is NOT the business of public policy and government because legislating morality is subjective and not objective. Especially those laws that are passed which try to regulate the behavior of informed, consenting adults and what they do in private.

    As for Marco Rubio, the saddest thing is we are witnessing a very conflicted, deeply-closeted and insincere man, bound to the reactionary politics of the morally-decadent Cuban exile community that dominates politics in Florida, who does not believe in any of the cliched platitudes that he utters.

    Marco Rubio says what he says because it is expected of him and because he desperately seeks an acceptance by the very people who would reject him outright if they knew the truth. Such are the building blocks of that particular brand of vile, Republican demagoguery.

  12. woodroad34 says

    Bigotry doesn’t make you “moral”–it makes you a contender for the seventh ring of hell. You’re anti-Christian, anti-human, anti-moral…another case of Republicans being 180 degrees from the truth.

  13. says

    Eh, which god is everywhere ?
    The Father God , The Son God, The Holy Ghost God , Apollo God, Artemis God, Athena,…
    and what about all the humans who became Gods, just like Jesus, Alexander, Achilles , whether he existed or not….

    As for morality…..just keep your putrifractive Florida hands off mine.

  14. simon says

    The Church could not decide whether the Son is the same as the Father in Trinity. It led to a lot of arguments, councils and even schisms within the Roman Church in the Middle Ages.
    All ado about nothing. Just an indication how petty and stupid these people are.

  15. Endorado says

    And yet many of you want to give citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens in this country who kneel before the pope and kiss his ring.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, ENDORADO, you just gave yourself away. You’re David Hagatha Hearne (a creation of Rick). Immigration…excuse me, non-White/Anglo immigration is your issue.

    I am truly curious–why do you change posting names?

  17. Rotundra says

    Derrick- Because I can, and because on this site it’s hard to know when you are being moderated and when the POS site is acting up. BTW- I am not nor have I ever been Rick. Now please tell us why you keep posting under other people’s names.

  18. jovincent says

    Wasn’t Rubio’s grandfather and other
    relatives in this country illegally according to some reports I read a year or two ago? Is that what he calls “Family Values and Morality?”. This guy is such a tool – I hope he goes away.