Senate Rejects Toomey Religious Exemption Amendment to ENDA in 43-55 Vote


The U.S. Senate has rejected a religious exemption amendment to ENDA from Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) in a 43-55 vote.

The amendment would have expanded the current religious exemption's language. A draft of the language in the amendment published by Buzzfeed read:

“(b) In addition, (i) an employer shall qualify for this exemption if it is (in whole or in part) managed by a particular religious corporation, association, or society; if it is officially affiliated with a particular religion or religious corporation, association, or society; or if the institution’s curriculum is directed toward the propagation of a particular religion; and (ii) This exemption shall apply regardless of whether the employer, or the employment position at issue, engages in secular activities as well as religious activities.”