1. Lars says

    I used to really enjoy IE. Their stunts were not just funny, but often also subversive — highlighting ironies and questioning assumptions. Like having a bunch of regular guys shop shirtless in Abercrombie. Or seeing how people will treat you if you wear a blue polo shirt and khakis at Best Buy. Or imagining that singing infused everyday life the way it does in opera and musical theater and movies.

    But they seem kind of played out. Now their pranks are overly cute, without the subversion or risk taking. Did they get lazy? Or maybe they haven’t changed and I just got bored. Not sure.

  2. matthew says

    I can’t run the video without these anyclip things playing their sound over the sound of the video I want to watch. And it doesn’t allow me to turn off the anyclips. Andy – fix this!!!

  3. JackFknTwist says

    That’s a lot of Spartacii with American accents.

    Reminds me of Tony Curtis saying :
    “Yonder lies the castle of my fadder.”….in a very American accent also. Great !

  4. Craig says

    A) I willing to bet most the actual patrons/workers don’t get the reference.
    B) How many actual patrons were there? Once everyone is in on the joke it’s really lost its humor.

  5. Bill says

    It would be even funnier if they said, “Spartacus sum” (which is the Latin translation). Then he could add “Esurio” (which means “I’m hungry”) as he picked up the order.

  6. Zlick says

    This was a lot funnier to me when I heard it was an impromptu joke perpetrated by one guy who had them write Spartacus on the drink order and then everyone with half a brain and a sense of humor joined in with “I am Spartacus” once one clever man was inspired to say that when the order was ready.

    As a pre-planned group prank, it has none of that comraderie creativity and a tenth of the humor. I’m sorry I ever saw this video.

  7. dumbnhung says

    I was at a Starbucks on Hallowe’en when a dude came in dressed like a Roman gladiator, out of 300. Gorgeous, buffed, oiled, shirtless stud in a leather kilt, or whatever that’s called. The entire place stopped and stared from the time he entered, ordered, got his drink and left. Mmmmmmmm….

  8. Tom says

    Great! That was somewhat tedious but I wonder how many customers suddenly wanted a nice hot dog after the last “Spartacus” came in and announced himself though?

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