1. Mikey says

    He’s exceptional on Arrow. He started out very stiff, but he’s loosened up. Very funny, too.

  2. TampaZeke says

    What a great deflection of an incredibly stupid and offensive statement from the incredibly stupid and offensive Chelsea Handler.

  3. Mike says

    What part did he play in Dante’s Cove? There was a crazy tall butler in there that just size wise was MORE than memorable!

  4. Seattle Mike says

    Perfect response. (Chelsea has the weirdest obsession/hang-up with the gays, doesn’t she?)

  5. Caine says

    Hot – – – except for that part where he is married to that right wing conservative born again Christian chick who was on America’s Next Top Model a couple of years ago….

  6. Matt Darren says

    He’s really goodlooking.

    Does his show “Arrow” have any gay content at all? I’m all for hot guys, but if they’re not going to have them rubbing up on each other, I see no reason to watch.

  7. Ben says

    Chelsea Handler: “You’ve played gay roles but I just want to let everybody know that you aren’t really gay so that the gay guys won’t hit on you.”

    Chelsea….just STFU you annoying bimbo.

  8. Mikey says

    Yeah, Chelsea is pretty crass.

    And there have been no elements of GAY on the show so far. Hopefully down the line.

    Regardless, it’s an excellent show.

  9. jarago says

    Very charming he really should start doing romantic comedies (he does seem a bit stiff in “Arrow” but maybe that’s how they want to play it) And doesn’t he kind of resemble a young Tom Cruise in profile?

  10. jjose712 says

    Matt Darren : Not yet, the writer is gay, but you know, introducing a gay character in this type of shows it seems to be hard hard hard, because writers always promise but never deliver

  11. Mike W says

    Stephen Amell has impressed me as a thoughtful articulate man in all the interviews I’ve seen.

    The addition of Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf) and Kevin Alejandro (True Blood) to the cast has maintained the eye candy level (and they’re also good actors).

  12. alex says

    Stephen also played a gay character in the Canadian show ReGenesis. He played the son of one of the lead characters in a short arc. The storyline addressed homophobia and parents acceptance of gay children.

    It looks like ReGenesis is available on Hulu for free. Stephen’s story is near the end of the third season. The show is like CSI meets the movie Outbreak. I enjoyed it; although the fourth season got a bit preachy.

  13. FFS says

    His hot, naked ass was the best part of the first season of Dante’s Cove. Glad to see his acting has greatly improved.

  14. jovincent says

    he is hot and seems like a good guy. chelsea is basically obnoxious and not in a good way. I don’t understand what her broad appeal is.

  15. dh says

    Chelsea is a faux ally. Even when she “supports” gay causes, her “humour” always makes it clear that she thinks she’s superior to us.

  16. Mark says

    He’s so hot. It’s hard to get too angry about Handler’s brain-dead comments. Fat old cow that she is, it must be painful for her to interview good-looking people.

  17. Donny says

    You queens are so lame! Chelsea Handler is a comic. She’s says stupid things all the time. What she said is something I might jokingly say if I had a show likes she does (and I’m a gay man). She’s a huge supporter of gay men and just recently published Ross Mathews’ book. Instead of telling her to STFU, y’all should STFU yourselves.

  18. JackFknTwist says


    He played Adam ? in Dante’s Cove ???

    Yes, I will rewatch Dante’s Cove tonight . Yum, Yum.!