1. MaryM says

    Has she apologised for her disgustingly homophobic song ‘Ur so gay’, and vowed to never perform it again?

    What size financial contribution to a gay charity has she made to apologise for her homophobia, properly

    if not then she deserves utter contempt as it makes her as bad as Eminem

  2. Rowan says


    The LGBT’s are so easy and self hating!

    Whoopee Doo! Thank’s Katy Perry do you LOVE me??? Can I sit with YOU??

    Lol, sorry to sound like Rick and Jim but those posters however one dimensional get this cr*p with these pop female singers.

  3. Markt says

    Great to see classical notions of beauty used again. It almost seemed like a completely new idea.
    I felt like same-sex love was included without a big neon sign – sweet.

  4. will says

    “I will love you unconditionally”. That’s the entire message. It’s like the song got its inspiration not from life but from a Hallmark card. I listened to the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” yesterday and felt their was extraordinary creativity in and behind the music. This Perry music is vapid. There’s so little going on in the lyrics you may find yourself embarrassed just to be listening to them. It’s music for ducks and geese.

  5. Luke says

    What’s with all the hating here? Just standard Towleroad comments? A lot of people need to hear the message of this song, and just because one of the myriad couples in the video is gay doesn’t mean she’s exploiting us – if she had no LGBT pairings commenters here would be b*tching about the lack of inclusivity. It’s a beautiful video, and, regardless of how her voice sounds to you, you will never find someone who can sing her songs well, because they’re just freaking impossible to sing. She’s got serious pipes – and I give her credit for that, even if some of her songs (not including this one, imho) err on the trite side of things.

  6. ElCid says

    Great video, although too much slow motion.
    Song is mediocre, but ok. It could be a 4th single, but not a second single right after “Roar”…
    Her voice is really irritating at several moments…

  7. P says

    I’m sorry but I just laughed so hard
    Did anyone just seriously call Katy Perry a great singer?

    I like this song and video (it has extremely cliched, boring lyrics but I like the production) but she sounds atrocious live

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